Council of Graduate Students

at The Ohio State University

Vice President

Katie Conner 

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Katie Conner (she/her) is a 5th year PhD linguistics student. As a sociolinguist, her research interests include gender, sexuality, the perception of young women's voices and speaking styles and metalinguistic commentary on them, taboo language and gendered slurs, and public facing language science/linguistics outreach. Katie also uses mixed methods in her work. She is originally from the East Coast and considers both St. Mary's County, Maryland and the Hampton Roads/Tidewater area of Virginia her home. She earned her BA from Virginia Tech in Theatre Performance with a minor in Women and Gender Studies in 2016, and her MA in English (Linguistics) from North Carolina State University in 2018. Her most recent work has focused on the perception of vocal creak in young women's voices, and how it affects perceptions of professionalism, and studying gendered slurs from a historical sociolinguistic point of view using corpus linguistic methods. She has also worked on outreach and public facing language science at COSI and as a GRA on the "Science of Language and Language of Science" REU at OSU. She was a 2020 receipient of an Ilsa Lehiste Memorial Fund Graduate Research Award in the Linguistics Department, and received the 2022 Linguistics Undergraduate Teaching Award. 

Katie originally became a CGS delegate for the Linguistics Department in Spring 2019 and subsequently served in that role through Summer 2021. Prior to 2022 - 2023, she also served as a committee chair for two years (2020-2021 External Affairs, 2021-2022 Research & Data Operations). In her time as a CGS member, she has served on numerous CGS internal and external committees at OSU (e.g., COAM, the Ray Travel Award and Career Development Grant judging committees, the Ad Hoc Committee on the Graduate Experience, and the Dean's Advisory Committee for the College of Arts & Sciences) and authored and consulted on numerous resolutions, most recently focusing on COVID advocacy for graduate students and graduate student pay and benefits. Additionally, Katie has collaborated and advised on other CGS initiatives and events, both internally and externally.

Roles & Responsibilities:

The Vice President is the primary contact for members of the CGS. The VP is responsible for the internal running of the organization in order to enable the President to be the primary contact with external entities and advocate for Graduate Student issues at the University level. The primary responsibilities of the Vice President are set out in the Constitution and include the following:

  • Coordinating the Edward F. Hayes Graduate Research Forum.
  • Representing the Council of Graduate Students in the planning of orientation and welcome week-related activities and events.
  • In the absence of the President, or if the President is temporarily unable to fulfill their duties, the Vice President  shall serve in the President's place.
  • Chairs the Organization and Elections Committee and is responsible for ensuring that all delegate and committee positions are filled.
  • Is responsible for ensuring that CGS committee and member records are properly maintained.
  • Shall serve as a liaison between CGS and other student organizations.
  • The Vice President shall fulfill other duties as directed by the Council, the Executive Committee, and the President.