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Delegate Meeting Packet 05-29-15

Posted: May 21, 2015

Please see attached the complete packet for the delegate meeting on 5/29/2015.

1.The Agenda for the 5/29/15 meeting, to be held at 3:30 pm in the Ohio Union Sphinx Suite.

2. Written reports from officers and committee chairs; these reports inform delegates of the work officers and chairs have been doing in the interim since the previous delegate meeting and the status of ongoing initiatives

3. A draft of the Minutes from the 4/17/15 CGS delegate meeting. Please feel free to e-mail me any corrections at

4. ACT-1516-SU-001: An Act Establishing CGS Meeting Dates 2015-2016

5. ACT-1516-SU-002: An Act Establishing the 2015-16 Standing Committees

6. ACT-1516-SU-003: An Act Amending the Definition of quorum for the Executive committee during Summer

**Version 4 uploaded 5/29 @ 2:40 PM - includes Treasurer's Report & Budget.


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