Council of Graduate Students

at The Ohio State University

Delegate Engagement Fund

Delegates are the representatives to the Council of Graduate Students (CGS) from each of the graduate departments at The Ohio State University. They are the crucial link from the elected body to the entire university. In 2012, The Council of Graduate Students created a funding program which encourages delegates to host small on- campus events within their own departments. These events not only recognize the constituents that CGS represents, but also provides delegates an opportunity to meet with their constituents and hear their concerns. 

To apply for this grant, please download the pdf application (link on the right side of the page) and fill it out. Scan and send copies to the President and Treasurer. 

To aid in preparing a meeting, a list of available caterers are provided. To order, please contact the Treasurer and Teresa KemptonDray.1

To be reimbursed, fill out the Audit form (link for the form on the right side of the page) and bring it to room 2088 in the Ohio Union (Student Government Suite) along with all receipts.