Council of Graduate Students

at The Ohio State University

Submission Materials


The following information is to be submitted by Career Development Grant applicants:

  • Application Information
  • Statement of Intent
  • Career Development Plan that outlines a major career goal as well as the steps to be taken and anticipated towards achieving successful employment within the desired occupation of the applicant
  • Resume to demonstrate the applicant's qualifications for employment within their field

Note: The first day of the activity must fall within the expense dates (aka the activity dates). The dates of all activities must be listed on the online application.

Grant recipients will be notified within five weeks of application due date of the results.


If you are awarded a Career Development Grant, you must submit the following forms to Teresa Kempton Dray (kemptondray.1) within 14 days of conference attendance or your most recent purchase.

  • Audit Form: Required.
  • AP Compliance Form: You do not need to submit this form if you are a University employee (e.g., GA, part-time, staff, etc.). Instead, include your Employee ID number on the Audit Form.
  • A brief, 300-word testimony regarding how the Career Development Grant contributed to the development of your career. This testimonial should include:
    • A brief description of what you used the Career Development Grant for.
    • How has the Career Development Grant influenced your career development?
    • (Optional) Include a photo from the conference or a headshot to be included with the testimonial in CGS promotional materials.