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Buck-I-Experience Selection Committee

Selection Committee Members

The committee consists of twelve members: one representative from each of the three student governments (USG, CGS, and IPC); one alumni representative, appointed by the Alumni Association; one Wexner Medical Center representative, appointed by the Executive Vice President and Chancellor of the Medical Center; one Athletics Department representative, appointed by the Senior Vice President of Atheltics; one Academic Affairs representative, appointed by the Provost; one Office of Diversity and Inclusion representative, appointed by the Vice Provost for Diversity and Inclusion; one University Communications representative, appointed by the Vice President for University Communications; one Faculty representative; one Student Life representative; and the Student Government Office Associate, as an ex-officio member. The committee convener is the Treasurer of the Council of Graduate Students.

DaVonti' D. Haynes

Chair; Council of Graduate Students; Agricultural Communication, Education, and Leadership (CFAES)

TJ Beavers

Inter-Professional Council; Law (Moritz)

Caroline Karwisch

Undergraduate Student Government; Public Management, Leadership, and Policy (Glenn)

TJ Shelton

Senior Associate Athletics Director; Athletics Department

Jackie Lipscomb

Assistant Director of Administration and Special Programs; Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Lindsay Komlanc

Senior Assistant Vice President for Strategic Issues Maangement; University Communications

Alexandra Lawrence

Senior Administration Director; Alumni Association

Theresa Berner

Occupational Therapist and Rehabilitation Clinical Manager; The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center

Kay Wolf

Senior Vice Provost; Office of Academic Affairs

Darrell M. Gray

Associate Professor & Physician; Faculty Representative; College of Medicine

Tracy Stuck

Assistant Vice President; Office of Student Life

Teresa Kempton Dray

Student Government Office Associate; Ex-Officio

Roles & Responsibilities : 

The Selection Committee names new Buck-I-Experience finalists each year after a nomination process, which is carried out under the direction of the three student government entities with logistical support from the Student Government staff. The Selection Committee will consider both the quality of the nominees and diversity of every kind. It should comply to the extent possible with the financial guidelines for the number of experiences to be provided by the Committee. It should complete its deliberations early enough in the Fall so that finalists can submit wishes to the Student Government staff prior to the end of the autumn semester and wishes can be granted prior to June 15. Current members of the Selection Committee may not nominate students for the Buck-I-Experience program.

The committee will meet to learn the responsibilities of committee members and to review the process for evaluating candidates. The members are given two to three weeks to review the nomination materials and rate the candidates. At the end of the review period the committee is convened to decide on the recipients. The decisions are usually made over the course of two or three meetings or however many meetings are required to complete the process.

Other Responsibilities: Committee members are an important part of the Buck-I-Experience process and are invited to participate in any wish, when feasible.

Benefits: Committee members have an opportunity to gain real insight into the student experience of students on our campus. In addition, it provides a forum for our students, faculty, and staff members to interact.