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Tips for a Successful Career Development Grant Application

After reviewing Career Development Grant applications, judges have identified some characteristics of succesfull applications.

Be clear and concise. Quality is more important than quantity.

Directly answer the questions asked in the application. Tell us why this career development activity is beneficial for YOU!  Be specific ("Networking" isn't enough -- Who will you be meeting? Why does it matter? How will this help you short and long term?).

Do NOT use technical language specific to your field of study. The application reviewers are from a variety of fields, but may not be from your field. Write your application as if you are writing to someone outside of your field. Another idea is to have a friend outside your program read your application. If it makes sense to them, it should make sense to us.

Proofread! Proofread! Proofread!  Judges volunteer their time to read applications.  They will look more favorably on applications in which it is clear the applicant took the time, or sought outside help, to review and revise it.  Learning English as a second language is not an adequate excuse for incorrect grammar.  Please see the Writing Center on campus if you need more assistance.  More importantly, consider how you present yourself on paper to the reviewers.  Consider this good experience for outside applications.