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Ray Travel Award Winners

2018 - 2019 Academic Year

Funding Period #1 (Conference occurring July - September)

Brieanne Beaujolais - Social Work

Coleen Thompson - Evolution and Ecology

Thelma Velez - Environmental Social Science

Brianna Johnson - Dance 

Nguyen Tram - Biomedical Engineering

Kara Braunreiter - Molecular Genetics

Adrienne Oehlers - Theatre

Funding Period #2 (Conference occurring October - December)

Zeynep Aydogdu - Comparative Studies

Brittney Butler - Epidemiology

Riley DeBacker - Speach and Hearing Sciences

Mario DeGrandis - Chinese Literature

Laurene Glimois - French and Italian

Jess Holler - Comparative Studies

Emily Justus - Entomology

Jendall King - Entomology

Chase Moore - Educational Studies

Chris Riley - Entomology

Amanda Smith - Comparative + Veterinary Sciences

Tiffnay Steele - Higher Education

Katherine Turo - Entomology

Funding Period #3 (Conference occurring January - March)

Yesenia Alvarez Padilla- Social Work

Rachel Bican - Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

Shelby Coen - Counselor Education

Katherine D'Amico - Translational Plant Science

Mario De Grandis - Chinese Literature

Julie Faieta - Health and Rehabilitation Services

Healther Glon - Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology

Julia Mazzarella - Health and Rehabilitation Services

Chelsey Nieman - Environmental and Natural Resources

Eleanor Paynter - Comparative Studies

Alanna Radlo-Dzur - History of Art

Ilana Seager van Dyk - Clinical Psychology

Madison Bowling - Kinesiology

Brittney Keller-Hamilton - Epidemiology

Paula Lado - Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology

Katherine Lakstins - Biomedical Engineering

Michele Patak-Pietrafesa - Social Work

Christopher Pierce - Physics

Joanne Vakil - STEM Education

Funding Period #4 (Conference Occurring April - June)

Laura Allen - English

Ziv Bell - Clinical Psychology

Rachel Bican - Health and Rehabilitation Services

Kevin Blum - Biomedical Engineering

Emma Cobb - Comparative Studies

Chrisse Edmunds - Sociology

Bethany Frick - Speech and Hearing Sciences

Pooja Gangras - Molecular Genetics

Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology

Kara Hooser - Political Science

Eswar Kandaswamy - Periodontics

Mijoo Kim - Kinesiology

Nicole King - Teaching and Learning

Julia Mazzarella - Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

Samantha McCabe - Environmental Sciences Graduate Program

Lauren Muscott - Political Science

Samantha Powers - Nerosciences Graduate Program

Conor Rosenblatt - Environment and Natural Resources

Sarah Stork - Comparative STudies

Rodney Tollerson - Microbiology

Thelma Velez - Environmental Social Sciences

Ryan Vogel - Environment and Natural Resources

2017 - 2018 Academic Year

Funding Period #1 (Conference occurring July - September)

Guanyi Yang - Economics

Ryan Vogel - Natural Resources & City and Regional Planning

Zack Jones - Linguistics

Sundeep Krishna Siripurapu - Mechanical Engineering

Christopher Riley - Entomology

Wei-Ting Yen - Political Science

Lindsey Brown - Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

Funding Period #2 (Conference occurring October-December)

Ashlea Braun - Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

Kelly Yotebieng - Anthropology

Isabel Fernandez - Electrical Engineering

Adam Fromme - Design Research and Development

Sherita Roundtree - English

Carolin Mueller - Germanic Languages and Literatures

Elizabeth Hoskins - Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology

Charles Potter - Counselor Education

Katherine Todd - Entomology

Kyong Ha - Foreign and Second Language Education

Michelle Burdine - Fine Arts

Funding Period #3 (Conferences occurring January - March)

Ashley Stewart  - Social Work

Anastasia Manesis - Biochemistry

Eleanor Paynter - Comparative Studies

Lindsey Brown  - Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

Audrey Reeves - Art Education

Tori Negash - Social Work

Colleen Kron - Greek & Latin

Nicole King - Teaching & Learning: Foreign, Second, and Multilingual Education

Ashlee Dauphinais - Spanish & Portuguese 

Jackie Ridley - Teaching & Learning

Tarkington Newman - Social Work

Elizabeth Sandoval - History of Art

Jacinta Yanders - English

Funding Period #4 (Conferences occurring April  - June)

Kristen Adams - History of Art

Ilana Seager van Dyk - Clinical Psychology

Kathryn Caliva - Classics

Tina Nguyen - Social Psychology

Laura Wallace - Psychology

Lauren Wengerd - Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

Rachel Bican - Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

Jennifer Kessa Roberts - Educational Policy

Enrico Zammarchi - Comparative Studies

Tania Correra - Latin American Cultural and Literary Studies

Wade Litt - Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics

Leyla Tosun - Political Science

John Cruz - Latin American Literary and Cultural Studies

Nkrystel Navarro - Plant Pathology

Ariana Steele - Linguistics

Elizabeth Ames - Environment and Natural Resources Graduate Program

Julia Mazzarella - Health and Rehabilitation Sciences