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2013 Hayes Winners

Arts, Humanities, & Social Sciences Posters

1st place - Ben Kerrick, City & Regional Planning   

     Borrowed Ground: Evaluating the Potential Role of Usufruct in Neighborhood-Scale Foodsheds 

2nd place - Ciara Stigen, Clinical Psychology

     The Impact of Borderline Personality Disorder Features on Self-Reported Invalidation and Learning Task Performance

3rd place - Zachariah Hubbell, Biological Anthropology

     Ontogenetic Changes in the Human Tibial and Femoral Diaphyses: Mechanobiological Analysis of Cortical Shape from a Whole-Bone Perspective

Biological Sciences Posters

1st place - Priscilla Lee, MCDB

     Defining the minimal signals necessary to generate an encephalitogenic T cell

2nd place - Nirav Shah, Pharmacology

     AMPK activating antitumor drug OSU-53 sensitizes etoposide-resistant chronic myelogeneous leukemia K562 cells to apoptosis

3rd place - Christopher Hansen, NGSP

     Elevated MMP-9 in the Thoracic and Lumbar Cord Impedes Activity Dependent Plasticity and Recovery Early after SCI in Mice

Engineering, Math, & Physical Sciences Posters

1st place - Eric Coleman, Chemistry

     Catalysis of the Oxygen Reduction Reaction on Bimetallic PtCu Nanostructures

2nd place - Steven Hansen, Materials Science & Engineering

     Vaporizing Foil Welding: A New Method for Collision Welding

3rd place - Aaron Short, Biomedical Engineering

     Hydrogel-Aligned Electrospun Fiber Composite Constructs for Examining Tumor Cell Migration

Arts Oral Presentations

1st place - Kellen Maicher, Design

     Designing Interactive Affective Virtual Characters

2nd place - Andrew Barry, Food Science & Technology

     Color retention of a pectin-alginate gel loaded with antocyanins from three sources

3rd place - Joyelle Fobbs, Dance

     The Black Ballerina's Contributions to U.S. Popular Culture

Biological Sciences Oral Presentations

1st place - Jeffrey Wojton, NGSP

     SapC-DOPS has antitumor efficacy in glioblastoma through the induction of lethal mitophagy

2nd place - Rosanna Watowicz, Health & Rehabilitation Sciences

     Differences in Beverage Intakes, especially Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Intakes, by Weight Status in US Children

Business Oral Presentations

1st place - Karthikeya Easwar, Marketing

     Tastes Great or Tasty? The Effect of Grammar on Product Evaluation

2nd place - Matthew Wynter, Finance

     Are Fund Flows Priced?

3rd place - Beth Polin, Management & Human Resources

     Putting the Power Back Into Empowerment: A Construction of the Empowered State and the Empowerment Process

Education & Human Ecology Oral Presentations

1st place - Christin Carotta, Human Development & Family Sciences

     "I'm Hoping for a Miracle" and "IAMToo" Hopes Expressed Between Offenders and Victims Following Incarceration for Domestic Violence

2nd place - Elizabeth Beggrow, Teaching - Learning STEM

     Students' use of alternative scientific causal models in explanations about evolutionary change: selective vs. stochastic reasoning

3rd place - Chad Campbell, STEM Education

     Designing, Validating, and Piloting a Genomics and Bioinformatics Assessment

Engineering Oral Presentations

1st place - Mikael Hudoba, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

     Development of a Nanoscale DNA Based Force Transducer

2nd place - Santino Carnevale, Materials Science & Engineering

     Polarization Doped Nanowire Devices as an Alternative to Impurity Doping

3rd place - Julie Thompson, Mechanical Engineering

     Gluteus maximus and soleus compensate for simulated quadriceps atrophy and activation failure during walking

FAES Oral Presentations

1st place - Erin Dicaprio, Food Science & Technology

     Internalization and Dissemination of Human Norovirus GII.4 and Animal Caliciviruses in Romaine Lettuce Grown Hydroponically

2nd place - Wenfei Wang, Food Science & Technology

     Housefiles as Potential Vectors for Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria

3rd place - En Huang, Food Science & Nutrition

     A Novel Broad-spectrum Lipopeptide Antimicrobial Agent, Paenibacterin, for Drug-Resistant Bacteria: Structural Elucidation, Biosynthesis, and mechanisms of action

Humanities Oral Presentations

1st place - Austin Dean, History Dept.

     Coins, Counterfeiting and the State in the Late 19th Century

2nd place - Chelsea Phillips, Theatre Dept.

     Thalia's Sweetest Child: Dorothy Jordan and the Performance of Maternity

3rd place - Meagan Horn, Hispanic Linguistics

     Realizations of [s] Aspiration in Voiceless Consonant Clusters in Seville Spanish

Math & Physical Sciences Oral Presentations

1st place - Lindsay Morrison, Chemistry & Biochemistry

     Position and amino acid dependent diketopiperazine formation: a structural analysis of peptide fragment ions by mass spectrometry

2nd place - Michael Severance, Chemistry & Biochemistry

     Rapid Crystallization of Zeolites for Potential Carbon Sequestration Appliances

3rd place - Andrew Krygier, Physics

     On the Origin of Super-Hot Electrons in Ultra-Intense Laser-Matter Interactions

Professional Biological Sciences Oral Presentations

1st place - Ashley Frakes, Biomedical Sciences

     NF-kB Activation in Microglia Induces Motor Neuron Death in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

2nd place - Erin Burns, Biomedical Sciences

     Preventative topical diclofenac treatment differentially decreases tumor burden in male and female SKH-1 mice in a model of UVB-induced cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma

3rd place - Matthew Mason, Oral Biology

     Ethnicity specific microbial signatures in the oral microbiome

Social & Behavioral Sciences Oral Presentations

1st place - Laren Conklin, Clnical Psychology

     Therapist Behaviors that Predict Clients' Engagement in Homework During Early Sessions of Cognitive Therapy for Depression

2nd place - Eric Wohleb, Neuroscience Graduate Studies Program

     Social stress causes brain region-specific recruitment of macrophages that promote anxiety

3rd place - Jayeon Lee, Communication

     Who Says What about Whom?: Cue-taking Dynamics for Political Candidate Social-networking Site Impression Formation