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2014 Hayes Forum Winners

Oral Presentation Winners

The Arts

1st Place: Yanfei Yin
2nd Place: Geoffrey Wilson
3rd Place: Orlay Alonso

Biological Sciences

1st Place: Aparna Lakshmanan
2nd Place: Reshma Davidson
3rd Place: Zoe Hesp


1st Place: Hyojin Lee
2nd Place: Chris Summers
3rd Place: Jamie Levine-Daniel

Education & Human Ecology

1st Place: Emma Hooper
2nd Place: Megan Sanders
3rd Place: Travis Mountain


1st Place: Likai Li
2nd Place: Elena Caruthers
3rd Place: Ria Mazumder

Food, Agriculture, & Environmental Sciences

1st Place: Matthew Teegarden
2nd Place: Jessica Pempek
3rd Place: Dominic Petrella


1st Place: Adrienne Winans
2nd Place: Jennifer Barajas
3rd Place: Delano Lopez

Math & Physical Sciences

1st Place: Rachel Mauk
2nd Place: Melissa Wrzesien
3rd Place: Archana Anandakrishnan

Professional Biological Sciences

1st Place: Ashley Frakes
2nd Place: Shibi Likhite
3rd Place: Mia Tazi

Social & Behavioral Sciences

1st Place: Jennifer Belding
2nd Place: Geoffrey Durso
3rd Place: Phokeng Dailey


Poster Presentation Winners

Arts, Humanities, & Social Sciences

1st Place: Laura Berger
2nd Place: Devin Grammon
3rd Place: Leroy Long III

Biological Sciences

1st Place: Grace Cooper
2nd Place: Jason Pitaressi
3rd Place: Daniel McKim

Engineering, Math, & Physical Sciences

1st Place: Arijit Ghosh
2nd Place: Sara Grieshop
3rd Place: Joshua Pritchard