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Jill Smith

Jill Smith, Ph.D., is the English-Language Arts Curriculum Coordinator for Westerville City Schools and an adjunct lecturer at The Ohio State University in the School of Teaching and Learning. Before that she worked as the Program Manager for Middle Childhood M.Ed. program at OSU and was a full-time English teacher at Westerville Central High School. She completed her M.Ed. and doctorate at O.S.U. In her 16 years of as a high school English-Language Arts teacher she developed curriculum for Cultural Studies and American Literature classes and was actively involved on many committees such as Curriculum Council and Site Council in the Westerville School district. She also acted as advisor to her school's Gay-Straight Alliance and initiated anti-bullying policies in her school. She is a co-author and editor of Acting Out!: Combating Homophobia and Heterosexism in Schools, recognized in 2010 as an "Outstanding Academic Title" by the American Library Association and winner of the National Association of Multicultural Education Philip C. Chinn book award. Jill was awarded "Teacher of the Year" by Westerville City Schools in May of 2011 and was awarded the Holloways Human and 

Civil Rights Award by the Ohio Department of Education, also in spring of 2011. She currently resides in Columbus, Ohio with her partner, Kyle, and their two sons.

Jill's activism in her work and school communities and her academic publications led her to seeking out a position where she could have a strong voice in shaping equitable, more inclusive school spaces and can develop and support authentic professional development for teachers. She is currently working on a follow-up book to Acting Out! that will explore ways teachers can better support LGBTQ students and families. She also continues to present her work at local and national educational conferences such as OCTELA, NCTE, and AERA and will be teaching at Ataturk University in Turkey this May.