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Jonathan Toot

Jonathan Toot, MS, PhD, DABT is a Senior Toxicologist (Study Director) and head of Drug Abuse Liability Testing at WIL Research Laboratories located in Ashland, Ohio. WIL Research is contract research lab that conducts scientific studies for various US and international government agencies, including the EPA and FDA. WIL Research is a scientific research company with facilities located in Europe, Japan, and throughout the US.

Jonathan received his MS from Akron University in Physiology, and his PhD from Kent State University in Biomedical Physiology. For the past 6+ years, Jonathan has been conducting research studies for WIL Research in the departments of Developmental and Reproductive Toxicology, Juvenile Toxicology, and Neuroscience. In addition to mentoring graduate students, collaborating with scientists, and volunteering, Jonathan is also adjunct faculty at Ashland University and has taught courses in Applied Toxicology and Human Biology. While at WIL Research Jonathan has published original research, coauthored a book chapter, and presented research findings at scientific meetings (across the US and abroad) in topics ranging from drug abuse liability to neurodegenerative diseases to pregnancy induced models of pathology. Although working at WIL Research as a Study Director is focused on scientific research, his job also requires experience in marketing, business development, legal contracts, general drug development consulting, analytical/bioanalytical chemistry, accounting, equipment/software validation, and research oriented scientific method development.