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2015 Hayes Forum Winners

Oral Presentations

Math and Physical Sciences 1st Linan Wang, Biomedical Sciences
  2nd Bo Wang, Analytical Chemistry
  3rd Kyle Kafka, Physics
    Brennan Walder, Chemical Physics            
Social and Behavioral Sciences 1st Ian Roberts, Social Psychology
  2nd Daniel McKim, Neuroscience
  3rd Jennifer Belding, Social Psychology
Professional Biological Sciences   1st Christie McCracken, Biomedical Sciences
  2nd Feifei Wang, Comparative Veterinary Medicine
  3rd Jade Smith, Medical Dietetics
Humanities 1st Patrick Potyondy, History
  2nd Christina Garcia, Hispanic Linguistics
  3rd Spencer Stewart, East Asian Studies
FAES 1st Anna Testen, Plant Pathology
  2nd Michelle Lee, Food Science and Technology

Erin DiCaprio, Comparative Veterinary Medicine

Engineering 1st Julia Deitz, Materials Science and Engineering
  2nd Navri Verma, Mechanical Engineering
  3rd Evan Huang, Materials Science and Engineering
  Honorable Mention   George Chow, Design Research and Development
Education and Human Ecology 1st Emma Hooper, Human Development and Family Science
  2nd Trevion Henderson, Higher Education and Student Affairs
  3rd Kellie Weinhold, Nutrition
Business 1st Kiran Awate, Management
  2nd Amitkumar Singh, Business Administration
  3rd Shaohua Lu, Business Administration
  Honorable Mention Anastasia Bailey, Business Administration
Biological Sciences 1st Xiaoyu Liu, Bioscience
  2nd Gayathri Natarajan, Microbiology
  3rd Erik Olson, Biochemistry
Arts 1st Janet Schroeder, Dance Studies
  2nd Sarah Levitt, Dance Studies
  3rd Emily Erken, Musicology

 Poster Presentations

Engineering, Math, and Physical Sciences  1st                      David Riegner, Materials Science and Engineering
  2nd Ebiji Akah, Civil Engineering
  3rd Ezdeen Elghannai, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences 1st Claire Conley, Clinical Psychology 
  2nd Allison Clark, Anthropology
  3rd Hanna Paulose, Consumer Sciences 
Biological Sciences 1st Anzela Niraula, Neuroscience
  2nd Alexandra Westfall, Food Science and Technology 
  3rd Jessica Chadwick, Biochemistry