Council of Graduate Students

at The Ohio State University

How to Contact Us!

Thanks for wanting to reach out to the Council of Graduate Students. We know many folks will try to get in contact via our OSU.EDU email address. However, that inbox is not regularly monitored, as our officers generally make use of their individual institutional emails for most Council of Graduate Students business. Please see the below list of issues and make use of them to appropriately direct your contact for your needs...  

  • If you’re reaching out to request the inclusion of an event, grant, opportunity, or other information in the next CGS monthly newsletter please contact 23-24 President Jorge and 23-24 Vice President Katie 
  • If you’re reaching out about the Edward F. Hayes Advanced Research Forum (formerly the Edward F. Hayes Graduate Research Forum) please contact 23-24 Vice President Katie 
  • If you are involved with IPC, USG, or other student organization (graduate or otherwise) and reaching out with questions or collaboration requests please contact 23-24 President Jorge and cc 23-24 Vice President Katie, and additionally cc your organization’s leader(s) 
  • If you’re reaching out about CGS elections, petitions, or appointments for delegate, officer, senate, and/or committee involvement please contact 23-24 Vice President Katie 
  • If you’re reaching out about Ohio State graduate student issues, questions, or concerns please contact 23-24 President Jorge
  • If you are reaching out about University Senate Committee issues, concerns, or appointments, please contact 23-24 Vice President Katie and cc Senate Caucus chair Peter
  • If you are reaching out about University Committee issues, concerns, or appointments, please contact 23-24 Vice President Katie 
  • If you are further unsure of where to (re)direct your email (or your situation falls outside of the above listed parameters), please don’t hesitate to contact 23-24 President Jorge and 23-24 Vice President Katie

Thank you for following the above guidelines for directing your contact! We appreciate your patience and understanding of our limited bandwidth and resources to monitor multiple channels as we continue on with our full time studies, research, and other service work in addition to our paid/unpaid CGS appointments.