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About The Council

CGS is the official branch of student government that represents every graduate student at the main and satellite campuses.

It is our primary purpose to work towards a continual improvement of the graduate student experience at The Ohio State University.

CGS Officers, Committee Chairs and Delegates serve as staunch advocates in the process of crafting university policy-making decisions. Our competitive funding programs and "graduate-centered" programing support the personal and professional development of all graduate students.

Our Committee Chairs are considered department heads of the student government; they have their own budgets and are free to program (with consultation of the Executive Board) as they see fit. There is a high expectation on committees to program effectively in their domains during the academic year.

The University's most involved and motivated students participate in  the executive level functions of the University by serving as delegates to the Council or as senators to the University Senate.

CGS delegates are elected from every graduate program and are responsible for communicating concerns and representing the opinions and interests of their constituents at our monthly meetings. Effective delegates strive to serve as key contacts and sources of information for the graduate students within their departments, their constituents.

University Senators are elected from each of 10 academic areas and are responsible for crafting, debating and voting on legislation that governs the University through committees and regular meetings of the Senate. Senators should strive to be aware of the issues affecting their college and to fully understand the impact of policies that are enacted by the Senate.

For more information regarding the structure and function of the Council of Graduate Students, you can review our governance documents using the following links: