Creating the Extraordinary Student Experience : Office of Student Life

Executive Committee

Roles and Responsibilities

The Executive Committee:
1.Conduct the business of CGS between delegate meetings and reports back to the delegate body regarding its actions and progress.
2.Set the agenda for CGS delegate meetings and prepare necessary items (e.g., acts, resolutions, etc.).
3.Select the recipients of the Larry Lewellen Service Awards and the James M. Siddens Award For Distinguished Faculty Advising.
4.Meet at least four times during a semester (though two of these can be canceled during summer term).
5.Work to identify areas where programing and actions for graduate students are needed and coordinate and lead events.

Current (2017-2018) Executive Committee

2017-18 Officers:
President Alex Wesaw.1
Vice President Tracey Walterbusch.1
Treasurer Amanda Montoya.29
Secretary Liz Koss.31
Chief of Staff  
2017-18 Committee Chairs:

Academic Affairs (CGS)

Daniel Puthawala.1
Arts & Culture Carolin Mueller.377
Diversity and Inclusion  Deborwah Faulk.30
Graduate Student Affairs  
Grant Administration  Liz Koss.31
Health and Wellness  Laura Hopkins.774
International Student Concerns  Hoda Hatoum.9
Marketing and Communications  Matthew Connolly.93
Ray Travel Award Committee  Amanda Montoya.29
Senate Advisory & Government Relations    
SERC  Chris Pierce.508
Other members:
University Council on Academic Affairs Daniel Puthawala.1
University Senate Representative David Bowers.461
University Research Committee (URC) Amanda Montoya.29
University Area Commission Alex Wesaw.1