Creating the Extraordinary Student Experience : Office of Student Life


Executive Committee

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Conduct the business of CGS between delegate meetings and reports back to the delegate body regarding its actions and progress.
  • Set the agenda for CGS delegate meetings and prepare necessary items (e.g., acts, resolutions, etc.).
  • Select the recipients of the Larry Lewellen Service Awards and the James M. Siddens Award For Distinguished Faculty Advising.
  • Meet at least four times during a semester (though two of these can be canceled during summer term).
  • Work to identify areas where programing and actions for graduate students are needed and coordinate and lead events.

Current (2020-2021) Executive Committee

2021-22 Officers:
President Nick Messenger.37
Vice President Abby Grieff.2
Treasurer Michelle Scott.1445
Secretary Alissa Geisse.1
Chief of Staff Javonte Lipsey.25

Brandon Free.41

Strategic Communication Director

Carrie Anne Thomas.4051


2021-22 CGS Committee Chairs:


Academic Affairs

Menghang Wu.4899
Arts & Culture Robin Gordon.215
Career Development Grant Alissa Geisse.1
Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity T'Euvyn Page Sly Worthy.30
Research & Data Operations Katie Conner.280
Global Gateway Grant Alissa Geisse.1
Government Affairs Brian O'Rourke (orourke.130)
Graduate Caucus Nick Klein.436
Graduate Student Affairs Kameron Rinehart.228
Health, Wellness, and Safety 

Faith Lewis.2365

Housing & Family Affairs Blaise Truesdell.27
Membership Wellness Caroline Fitzpatrick.271
International Student Affairs Sochina Ranjit.5
Ray Travel Award  Michelle Scott.1445
SERC  Sally Ross.1655