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The Council of Graduate Students is the student government for the approximately 10,000 graduate students at The Ohio State University. The Council directly serves and supports graduate students and the university community in a number of ways, including:

  • Officially representing graduate student interest in university governance through the appointment of over 100 graduate students to university committees.
  • Providing an outlet for the graduate student community to discuss and engage issues related to their interests at the university.
  • Providing a forum for graduate student research.
  • Providing travel funds for professional development.
  • Seeking competitive compensation and benefits for graduate students.
  • Planning special events for graduate students.

The Council debates issues and disseminates information at its monthly meetings. Our standing and ad hoc committees discuss many topics of interest to graduate students.

Additionally, the Council elects and appoints over 100 graduate students to various university-wide bodies including the University Senate and the Research and Graduate Council. The Council works closely with the Graduate School on issues of mutual concern.

The Council is a founding member of two national student advocacy organzations:  NAGPS -- the National Association of Graduate and Professional Students and SAGE Student Advocates for Graduate Education.

The Council of Graduate Students was recognized nationally as the Graduate Student Association of the year 1998 by NAGPS, the highest honor given to a graduate student government nationwide. NAGPS  has also honored the Council with the "Outstanding New Graduate Program" in the nation for  the Edward J. Ray Award for Scholarship and Service program.