Creating the Extraordinary Student Experience : Office of Student Life

  • Nick Messenger 2021 CGS President Nick Messenger 2021 CGS President


Nick Messenger


3nd Year PhD Student in AED Economics 

Research Interests: Education, Social Mobility, and Economic Geography 

From Bowling Green, OH 

@_nickmessenger – follow on twitter 

Roles & Responsibilities : 

The President is responsible for:

  • Presides over all meetings of the Council and implementing all decisions of the Council.
  • Selects the time and place of all regular and special meetings of the Council.
  • Manages the office associate and for ensuring Council compliance with Council, University State, and Federal fiscal and personnel policies.
  • Serves as the liaison between CGS and the Graduate School, University administration, and the Ohio State Board of Trustees.
  • Serves externally, as an ex-officio member of the Graduate Council, the University Senate and its Steering Committee, and the Council on Student Affairs.
  • Fulfills other duties as directed by the Council and the Executive Committee.