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Liz Koss


Elizabeth Koss, Liz, is an Occupational Therapist and doctoral candidate in the Health and Rehabilitation Sciences program at The Ohio State University. She currently works for Columbus Therapy Associates in the Columbus schools as an occupational therapist.

Liz received her Bachelors of Science in Psychology from Lindenwood University in St. Charles, Missouri and her Master’s in Occupational Therapy with a pediatric specialization at The Ohio State University. She was the Virtual Trainee for the Association of University Center’s on Disabilities (AUCD) from 2016-2017, a Nisonger Center Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and Other Related Disabilities (LEND) trainee from 2015-2017, and was the President of the Student Occupational Therapy Association (SOTA) from 2015-2016. She is passionate about advocating for her profession, graduate students on campus, and persons with neurodevelopmental and other related disabilities at both the state and national level.

When she is not working, Liz enjoys Ohio State football games and traveling to Chicago, St. Louis, and Cincinnati to visit family and friends. 

Roles & Responsibilities:

The Secretary is responsible for:

  • Keeping the minutes of the meetings of the Council and its Executive Committee, for maintaining records, and for conducting correspondence. 
  • Maintaining attendance records and determining quorum at Council meetings.
  • Presiding over meetings of the Council in the absence of the President and Vice President.
  • Maintaining a record of all legislation that has been passed throughout the academic year, and that this record is formally passed to the next incumbent Executive Board.
  • Ensuring that all governing documents (Constitution, Bylaws, and Standing Rules) are updated at the end of every semester of all legislative amendments.
  • The Secretary shall fulfill other duties as directed by the Council, the Executive Committee, and the President.


   *Please contact the secretary at if you have news you wish to share with the delegate body*