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Kristyn Gumpper


Kristyn Gumpper is a 6th year PhD student in Biomedical Sciences in the lab of Dr. Jianjie Ma. She has the honor of being an American Heart Associate Pre-doctoral Fellow. Her research focuses on a family of proteins, TRIM proteins, that are involved in numerous aspects of health and disease in mammals such as: immunity, cancer, regeneration, and secretion. She earned her BS in Biology with a minor in Music Performance at Allegheny College in Meadville, PA. She earned an MS in Microbiology at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, PA in the lab of Dr. Masumi Eto.

In previous years, Kristyn has served as the delegate representing the Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program for CGS (2016 – 2018) and currently holds a position as a graduate student representative on the Parking Advisory Committee and the ODEE Steering Committee.

Roles & Responsibilities :

The treasurer is responsible for:

  • Creating an annual operating budget for the Council.
  • Keeping an accurate record of the Council's finances.
  • Approving all the Council's expenditures.
  • Reporting on the Council's expenditures during delegate meetings.
  • Formulating an annual report of the Council's expenditures at the end of the budget year.
  • Chair of the Edward J. Ray Travel Award committee.
  • Serving as an ex officio voting member of the Council on Student Affairs.
  • Serving as an ex officio voting member of the Council on Student Affairs Allocations Subcommittee.