Creating the Extraordinary Student Experience : Office of Student Life


Roles & Responsibilities

1. Attend all senate meetings, reading the agenda and materials ahead of time. Senators hold extremely important positions. The Senate is where the majority of University legislative business occurs. Having graduate students represented there is critical to the improvement of graduate student conditions. It is essential therefore to have all 10 Senate positions represented at every Senate meeting.

2. Although Senators are filling a senate seat, the title of which reflects a specific college, they are not representing that individual college. Senators represent all graduate students at the university level when in the Senate, not an individual college.

3. Serve on at least one senate-related committee (e.g., Council on Academic Affairs, Council on Academic Misconduct, Graduate Compensation and Benefits, etc.).

4. Both to inform the senate advisory chair immediately when you cannot attend a Senate meeting, AND arrange for an alternate to attend, in order to maximize graduate student representation at the senate meetings.

5. Attend CGS Delegate meetings each month, bringing forward relevant senate news and, when possible, seeking student feedback before voting.

6. When possible, attend meetings of the CGS Senate Delegation as they are scheduled.

For information on the next senator elections, see the senate application by clicking here.

The Arts

Biological Sciences


Engineering Sciences


Mathematics and Physical Sciences

Professional Biological Sciences

Social and Behavioral Sciences

CGS President (non-voting position)

Education and Human Ecology

Food Agriculture and Environmental Science