Council of Graduate Students

at The Ohio State University

2020-2021 Minutes & Legislations

Delegate Meeting Minutes

September 2020 Delegate Meeting Minutes.pdf

September 2020 Delegate Packet.pdf

September 2021 Delegate Meeting Minutes.pdf

September 2021 Delegate Packet.pdf

January 2021 Delegate Meeting Minutes.pdf

January 2021 Delegate Packet.pdf

April 2021 Delegate Packet.pdf

December 2020 Delegate Meeting Minutes.pdf

December 2020 Delegate Packet.pdf

February 2021 Delegate Meeting Minutes.pdf

February 2021 Delegate Packet.pdf

May 2021 Delegate Packet.pdf

November 2020 Delegate Meeting Minutes.pdf

November 2020 Delegate Packet.pdf

July 2021 Delegate Meeting Minutes.pdf

July 2021 Delegate Packet.pdf

June 2021 Delegate Meeting Minutes.pdf

June 2021 Delegate Packet.pdf

March 2021 Delegate Meeting Minutes.pdf

March 2021 Delegate Packet.pdf

October 2020 Delegate Packet.pdf

October 2021 Delegate Packet.pdf

October 2021 Meeting Minutes.pdf

October 2020 Delegate Meeting Minutes.pdf

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

September 2020 Exec Meeting Minutes.pdf

February 2021 Exec Meeting Minutes.pdf

January 2021 Exec Meeting Minutes.pdf

March 2021 Exec Meeting Minutes.pdf

November 2020 Exec Meeting Minutes.pdf

October 2020 Exec Meeting Minutes.pdf



Act 2021-003.pdf

Act 2021-004.pdf

Act 2021-005.pdf

Act 2021-001.pdf

Act 2021-006.pdf

Act 2021-002.pdf


Resolution 2021-005.pdf

Resolution 2021-006.pdf

Resolution 2021-007.pdf

Resolution 2021-008.pdf

Resolution 2021-009.pdf

Resolution 2021-010.pdf

Resolution 2021-003.pdf

Resolution 2021-001.pdf

Resolution 2021-004.pdf

Resolution 2021-014.pdf

Resolution 2021-016.pdf

Resolution 2021-015.pdf

Resolution 2021-017.pdf

Resolution 2021-018.pdf

Resolution 2021-011.pdf

Resolution 2021-012.pdf

Resolution 2021-013.pdf