Council of Graduate Students

at The Ohio State University

2023 Winners - Edward F. Hayes Advanced Research Forum

Hayes 2023 Award Amounts

Poster Presentations

1st Place: $200

2nd Place: $150

3rd Place: $100

Oral Presentations

1st Place: $600

2nd Place: $400

3rd Place: $200 


Hayes 2023 Results

 Biological Sciences - Posters

1st – Jack Hedberg, Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program (BSGP)

2nd – Jonathan Packer, Neuroscience

3rd - Amara Davis, Neuroscience


Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences - Posters

1st – Daniel Do, Food Science & Technology

2nd – Zhining Sun, Agricultural, Environmental, & Developmental (AEDE)

3rd - Veermani Karuppuchamy, Food Science & Technology


Health Sciences - Posters

1st – Shifa Shahid, Oral Biology

2nd – Eleanor Rimmerman, Interdisciplinary Biophysics Graduate Program

3rd - Kaylin Gaudette, Optometry & Vision Science


Humanities, and Education & Human Ecology - Posters

1st – Sangeun Lee, Counselor Education

2nd – Alexander Pittman, Multicultural & Equity Studies in Education

3rd - Lily Mank, Environmental Science

Honorable Mention – Victor Vimos, Latin America Cultural & Literary Studies


Social and Behavioral Sciences - Posters

1st – Yong Min Choi, Cognitive Neuroscience

2nd – Ji Youn Ryu, School of Communication

3rd - Soh Hyeon Kim, Political Science


Arts - Oral/Talk

1st – Karen Kim, Musical Arts

2nd – Bhumi Patel, Dance Studies

3rd - Amy Schofield, Dance Studies


Biological Sciences - Oral/Talk

1st – Rebecca Biltz, Neuroscience

2nd – Jin Li, Cognitive Neuroscience

3rd - Brandon Shannon, Environmental Sciences

Honorable Mention – Hannah Bulgart, Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program (BSGP)


Business- Oral/Talk

1st – Mateus do Rego Ferreira Lima, Operations Management & Business Analytics

2nd – Molly Hughes, Logistics


Education and Human Ecology - Oral/Talk

1st – Manisha Nagpal, Educational Psychology

2nd – Junyeong Yang, Quantitative Research, Evaluation & Measurement (QREM)

3rd - Susan Talley, Quantitative Research, Evaluation & Measurement (QREM)

Honorable Mention – Ragul Senthil, Consumer science

Honorable Mention – Kimiko Ching, Educational Psychology

Honorable Mention – Christian Hines, Literature for Children and Young Adults


Engineering - Oral/Talk

1st – Allyanna Rice, Electrical Engineering

2nd – Xilal Rima, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

3rd - Tanay Jawdekar, Chemical Engineering


Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences - Oral/Talk

1st – Abigail Sommer, Food Science & Technology

2nd – Hetian Hu, Food, Agricultural & Biological Engineering

3rd - Samuel Hoffman, Food Science & Technology

Honorable Mention – Kush Yadav, Center for Food Animal Health


Health Sciences - Oral/Talk

1st – Dillon McBride, Veterinary Medicine

2nd – Fiona Brown, Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program (BSGP)

3rd - Robert Schuetz, Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program (BSGP)

Honorable Mention – Dan Gilmore, Health & Rehabilitation Sciences


Humanities - Oral/Talk

1st – Morgan Podraza, English

2nd – Andrea Mazda, History

3rd - Chris Turpin, English (RCL)

Honorable Mention – Sabrina Durso, English

Honorable Mention – Natalia Server Beneto, Hispanic Linguistics


Mathematical and Physical Sciences - Oral/Talk

1st – Emma Pollock, Chemistry

2nd – Shi Feng, Physics

Honorable Mention – Alison Duck, Astronomy

Honorable Mention – Fangyi Wang, Statistics


Social and Behavioral Sciences - Oral/Talk

1st – Ronald Inglehart, Public Health

2nd – Heather Daly, Cognitive Psychology

3rd - Morgan Ross, Communication


Postdoctoral: Biological/Life Sciences, Health Sciences, and Biomedical Engineering - Oral/Talk

1st – Adam Kenney, Microbial Infection & Immunity

2nd – Tiam Mana Saffari, Medicine

3rd - Divya Sridharan, Emergency Medicine

Honorable Mention – Natalia von Windheim, Engineering