Council of Graduate Students

at The Ohio State University

Hayes Wellness Break

Living a balanced life is critical to the student experience. Thus, in partnership with the Student Life Wellness Center, we are proud to present the following well-being opportunities for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars to engage in during the Hayes Forum Wellness Break.

Recorded Sessions

Unplugged Self-Guided Activities

  • Gratitude Activities
    • Daily Gratitude: Write down three good things that happened in the last 24 hours. They can be big or small. As you think, reflect on how you felt in each moment. Practicing gratitude for even the smallest act can bring joy to your day and increase positive thoughts, both benefitting mental health.
    • Practicing Gratitude for Others: Call or text a loved one, this can be a family member or friend. Take a few moments to check in and see how they are doing, share your appreciation for their support and your relationship. Practicing gratitude for others has been shown to strengthen relationships and positively impact mental health.
  • Mindful Walk
    • Take a quick walk outside. Notice your surroundings. Instead of listening to some form of media, take this time to unplug and really appreciate the environment around you.
    • Don’t have time to take a walk? Being outside (whether sitting, reading, creating, eating lunch, or more) has similar benefits making us feel refreshed. Spending time in nature has been linked to improving sleep, lowering heart rate, reduces stress, increasing happiness, strengthening the immune system, inspiring creativity and more. Take some time to unplug and enjoy a relaxing lunch break outside without media.
  • Creative Wellness
    • Take some time to indulge in your creative side by sketching, doodling, coloring, or practicing your favorite artistic outlet. Looking for inspiration? Coloring pages can be found online and printed for a fun, stress relieving activity.
  • Puzzles
    • Studies have shown that challenging our intellectual wellness with activities such as puzzles exercise both sides of our brains and improves memory, problem solving skills, visual and spatial reasoning, enhances mood, lowers stress, and more. Take some time to work on a tabletop puzzle or print off your favorite number or word puzzles to challenge your brain with an activity not related to your studies. Find links below to free puzzles that you can complete online or print off for an unplugged activity.
  • Practice Self-Care
    • Self-care looks different to everyone and as a graduate student, there never seems to be enough time in the day to get done something for yourself. What is something that has been on your personal self-care to do list that keeps getting pushed? See this lunch hour as an opportunity to focus on you. Do a face mask, paint your nails, fold the laundry, make the bed, read a non-academic book or magazine, or organize your workspace; this break is an opportunity to step away from the professional and program related tasks and focus on something that is going to bring you some much needed peace of mind.