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Career Development Grant



The Career Development Grant program encourages graduate students to prepare for placement into their chosen field. Students will submit their Career Development Grant Application to the Council of Graduate Students (CGS) for an opportunity to receive an award to defray costs associated with the development of their careers.

By offering grants of up to $350 each, CGS will be providing an incentive for graduate students to invest effort in their own career development while attending OSU. These grants will provide subsidy for expenses incurred by the activities outlined by applicants in  their Career Development Plan.

The Career Development Grants will be awarded to individuals demonstrating strong linkages between their stated professional goals and their submitted Career Development Plan. Additionally, applicants will be evaluated upon the relevance and strength of proposed activities as they relate to the applicant's resume and the Career Development Plan.


The financial expenses associated with defined activities or engagements included in one's Career Development Plan may be cost-prohibitive to many graduate students, and the availability of financial support for students varies widely across the university. Whereas students in some departments, schools, and colleges may have several opportunities for funding, others may have no sources of funding whatsoever. For this reason, the absence of such funds at the university-level has resulted in significant concern from CGS. Inquiries on this matter to the CGS office and delegates, from both individual students and other graduate student associations within the university, are frequent. Therefore, the Career Development Grant will help fill a void for many students. Additionally, it will also provide financial continuity for graduate students to further their professional activities upon exhausting other funding sources. The Career Development Grant is intended to supplement -- not replace -- existing funds at the program, department, school, college, and/or university levels.

Please contact the Career Development Grant Chair, Alissa Geisse (.1) with questions.

Please click on this website link to find the online application

Applications are due by 11:59 pm of the deadlineThis is a hard deadline.





2021 - 2022 ACADEMIC YEAR

Funding Period #1

  • Application deadline: May 1, 2021
  • Activity dates: July 1, 2021 - September 30, 2021

*Applications will only be accepted for non-travel expenses during this funding period*                                                                 

Funding Period #2

  • Application deadline: August 1, 2021
  • Activity dates: October 1, 2021 - December 31, 2021

*Applications will only be accepted for non-travel expenses during this funding period*


Funding Period #3   

  • Application deadline: November 1, 2021
  • Activity dates: January 1, 2022 - March 31, 2022

*Applications will only be accepted for non-travel expenses during this funding period*       


Funding Period #4   

  • Application deadline: February 1, 2022
  • Activity dates: April 1, 2022 - June 30, 2022


Applicants will be notified of decisions within 6 weeks of the deadline. Please do not e-mail to inquire about results before this deadline.  Awards can be used for expenses detailed in the application only, and are not transferable.

For tips on developing your Career Development Plan or resume/CV, such as resources for identifying your career goals, visit Career Connection on the 2nd floor of the Younkin Success Center, or visit Career Connection online at

Congratulations to the Career Development Grant recipients for the 2020-2021 Academic Year!

Funding Period 1:

Angela Harden, Biological Sciences

Nayeli Sanchez, Environment & Natural Sciences

Chase Novello, Environment & Natural Sciences

Kara Kaple-Walter, Nursing

Yahya Abudef, Engineering

Funding Period 2:

Nithya Sivashankar, Education & Human Ecology

Selasi Attipoe, Public Health

Grace Jue Yeon Kim, Education & Human Ecology

Joanne Vakil, Education & Human Ecology

Caroline Koncz, Arts & Sciences

Kaylyn Weisenburger, Arts & Sciences

Elizabeth Dion, Health & Rehab Sciences

Sarah Prieto, Arts & Sciences

John Bundschuh, Arts & Sciences

Jennifer McGibbon, Arts & Sciences

Rachel Williamson, Medical

Funding Period 3:

Yan Yuan, Nursing

Taylor Soto, Arts & Sciences

Tori DeScenza, Education & Human Ecology

Gina Gugliotta, Health & Rehab Sciences

TIna Reed, Social Work

Michael Bustamente, Public Affairs

Yesenua Alvarez Padilla, Social Work

Xinyue Lu, Education & Human Ecology

Rachel Scrivano, Social Work

Abigail Schranz, Social Work

Chelsea GIlbert, Education & Human Ecology

Xianhua Zai, Education & Human Ecology

Funding Period 4:

Sarah Stork, Humanities

Lisa Combs, Education & Human Ecology

Amanda Luff, Public Health

Jessica Blackburn, Medical

Tara Rodriguez, Social Work

Shay Valley, Education & Human Ecology

Veeramani Karuppchamy, Food Science & Technology

Margaret Schmiegelow, Arts & Sciences

Robert Dahlberg-Sears, Arts & Sciences


Congratulations to the Career Development Grant recipients for the 2019-2020 Academic Year!

Funding Period 1:

Kaitlyn Dye, Arts & Sciences

Angela Harden, Biological Sciences

Michaela King, Arts & Sciences

Preston Manwill, Pharmacy

Carolin Mueller, Arts & Sciences

Aaron Skinner, Environment & Natural Resources

Tiffany Steele, Education & Human Ecology

Meihui Zhang, Engineering

Funding Period 2:

Afsaneh Rezaei, Arts & Sciences

Joseph Smith, Arts & Scienes, 

Coralie Farinas, Agriculture

Laura Neese, Arts & Sciences

Anne Valauri, Education

Mikaela Haney, Social Work

Ratessiea Lett, Engineering

Mario DeGrandis, Humanitites

Tamara Roose, Education & Human Ecology

Funding Period 3:

Ashlea Braun, Health & Rehabilitation Sciences

Chieh-Ming Wu, Public Health

Megan Smith, Biological Sciences

Brianna Linne, Agriculture

Colleen Kron, Humanities

Shannon Thacker, Arts & Sciences

Malia Womack, Arts & Sciences

Audrey Braun, Arts & Sciences

Kendra Dickinson, Arts & Sciences

Maria Talarico, Engineering

Zachary Lahey, Arts & Sciences

Funding Period 4:

Shruthi Shetty, Pharmacy

Hochieh Lin, Education & Human Ecology

Jihyeon Choi, Education & Human Ecology

Minseok Choi, Education & Human Ecology

Alexandra Tuggle, Arts & Sciences

Tina Nguyen, Arts & Sciences

Ayodeji Olugbuyori, Arts & Sciences

Palmona Pinillos Chavez, Arts & Sciences

Shaadee Samimy, Arts & Sciences

Budinka Uskokovic, Arts & Sciences

Tyler Hallmark, Education & Human Ecology

Mael Glon, Biological Sciences

Fei Pei, Social Work

Ashley Ryder, Education & Human Ecology


Congratulations to the Career Development Grant recipients for the 2018-2019 Academic Year!

Funding Period 1:

Catalina Abad, Engineering

Rachel  Bican, Health & Rehabilitation Sciences

Paula Dalcin Martins, Arts And Sciences

Jenna DeCarlo, Social & Behavior Sciences

Brittney Keller-Hamilton, Public Health

Coleen  Thompson, Arts And Sciences

Xiaochen Zhang, Public Health

Funding Period 2:

Ayush Garg, Engineering

Eleanor Paynter, Humanities

Kendra Dickinson, Arts And Sciences

Jonathan Branfman, Humanities

Erin Allen, Music

Julie Dentzer, Humanities

Diana Messer, Medical

Benjamin Kenzer, Arts And Sciences

Hochieh Lin, Education & Human Ecology

Paula Lado, Arts And Sciences

Yanan  Zhao, Education & Human Ecology

Mark Hoff, Humanities

Hope Wilson, Arts And Sciences

Julia Mazzarella, Health & Rehabilitation Science

Elizabeth Schmidt, Health & Rehabilitation Science

Funding Period 3:

Tiara DeGuzman, Education & Human Ecology

Jared Jones, Arts And Sciences

Kimberley Scott, Health & Rehabilitation Science

Colin Wood, Music

Ehsan Estiri, Humanities

Afsaneh Rezaei, Arts And Sciences

Colleen Kron, Humanities

Hui Jeong Ha, Engineering

Kanwalpreet Kaur, Pharmacology

Funding Period 4:

Sarah Anderson, Health & Rehab Sciences

Ekaterina But, Humanities

Emma Cobb, Humanitites

Gavin Johnson, Arts & Sciences

Rongkun Liu, Environment & Nat Res

Sara McGuire, Arts & Sciences

Maureen Mytril, Education & Human Ecology

Alana Telesman, Education

Joanna Toy, Humanitites

James Wright, Environment & Nat Res

Enrico Zammarchi, Arts & Sciences

Congratulations to the Career Development Grant recipients for the 2017-2018 Academic Year!

Funding Period 1:

Aysenur Dal, Arts and Sciences

Leiah Groom, Education & Human Ecology

Sanja Kadric, Arts and Sciences

KyongWeon Lee, Social Work

Rachel Tatarski, Health & Rehabilitation Sciences

Yao Wan, Biological Sciences

Anne Witzky, Arts and Sciences

Enrico Zammarchi, Arts and Sciences

Funding Period 2:

Jonathan Branfman, Humanities

Leslie Carson, Social Work

Kendra Dickinson, Arts and Sciences

Devin Ensz, Arts and Sciences

Kevin Galiano, Arts and Sciences

Ayush Garg, Engineering

Kyong Ha, Education and Human Ecology

Sarah Huber, Administration Sciences

Alexandra Kuzmishin, Arts and Sciences

Scott Martin, Arts and Sciences

Nall Moonilall, Environment & Natural Resources

Yang Shi, Education & Human Ecology

Anne Valauri, Education & Human Ecology

Jamin Wieringa, Arts and Sciences

Funding Period 3:

Barbara Betz, Arts and Sciences

Nivedita Bhaktha, Education & Human Ecology

Samir Chowdhury, Math & Physical Sciences

Ariel Cooper, Business

Mark Hoff, Arts and Sciences

Jared Jones, Humanities

Lisa Juckett, Social Work

Maureen Myrtil, Education & Human Ecology

Oneya Okuwobi, Arts and Sciences

Cornelia Peterson, Optometry

Marissa Renardy, Arts and Sciences

Suzannah Showler, Arts and Sciences

Christine Stamper, Education & Human Ecology

Lyndsey Vader, Arts and Sciences

Chang Xu, Administration Sciences

Funding Period 4:

Ali Aenehzodaee, Arts and Sciences

Ethan Brauer, Arts and Sciences

Mary Cole, Social & Behavior Sciences

Kelly Crowe, Biological Sciences

Prutha Deshpande, Social & Behavior Sciences

Tania Espinales Correa, Arts and Sciences

James Evans, Education & Human Ecology

William Fagan, Engineering

Mackenzie Hannum, Agriculture

Jess L.R. Holler, Humanities

Elizabeth Hoskins, Arts and Sciences

Walaa Hussein, Agriculture

Christopher Jeansonne, Arts and Sciences

Rachel Rickard, Education & Human Ecology

Sally Sharrow, Architecture

Preeti Singh, Arts And Sciences

Yao Wan, Biological Sciences

Yifan Xu, Arts And Sciences