Council of Graduate Students

at The Ohio State University

Judges Information


Why serve as a judge for Hayes? 

Hayes judges create an impact through helping to improve and reward the exemplary research of graduate students & postdoctoral scholars here at the Ohio State University.  The value of your presence as experts in your subject fields contributes to the prestige of the Hayes Forum itself. The forum presents an opportunity for interdisciplinary learning and scholarly exchanges, for presenters to share their work in a public forum beyond the scope of audiences they regularly see in their “home” field conferences, for professionalization through receiving feedback on their work, and for CV/Resume enhancement (through presentation or through service opportunities for non-presenters).  

The Hayes Forum is not possible without the experience and adeptness of judges from all levels of OSU employment (faculty, staff, researchers, and more) and beyond like you. Without adequate judges to review and score abstracts of applicants in the lead-up to the forum, and to evaluate paper and poster presentations on the day of the forum, sessions are cancelled, meaning participants lose out on valuable experience, and on the chance to win prizes rewarding their effort and excellence.  

Judging for the forum can be a valuable experience for you as well! These opportunities can help give valuable experience and professionalization for your CV or resume, can be useful for P&T packets, job applications (both academic and non-academic/alt-academic), and for visa and immigration documentation purposes. The Hayes Forum Chair will provide a letter thanking you for your service if you evaluate abstracts or presentations as proof of this service. 

We hope that you will strongly consider participating in the Edward F. Hayes Advanced Research Forum as a judge this year.  

Judging Eligibility 

The only requirement for judging is that you must possess a terminal degree in a relevant field for the academic area you apply to judge in. This can be widely interpreted. If you have specific inquiries or seek guidance on which academic areas you might be eligible to judge in, please contact Hayes Organizing Chair Katie Conner at Please share with non-academic/alt-academic colleagues beyond OSU, and with non-faculty OSU employees, as being a current OSU faculty member is not a requirement for judging. In the past we have had a number of excellent non-faculty judges from across OSU and beyond OSU, and the varied professional perspectives are valuable to presenters.  

Applying to Judge 

At this time, we are seeking judges for abstract review and both graduate (oral and poster) and postdoctoral (oral only) presentations on the day of the forum.

All levels of judges (faculty, staff, researchers, postdocs, etc.) at OSU and all non-OSU judges complete the same form for judging. We are in the process of creating a non-OSU affiliated judge form, but it unfortunately it was not completed in time for this year’s judge recruitment. We thank you for your grace and understanding regarding this. 

If you are interested in serving as an abstract or paper/presentation judge for the 2024 Forum, please submit a Judging Application.

If you are a graduate student and would like to nominate a faculty or staff member to serve as a judge for the 2024 Forum, please submit a Nomination Form.

Questions? E-mail the Hayes Forum 2024 Organizing Committee's Chair, Katie Conner, at