Council of Graduate Students
at The Ohio State University

2018 - 2019 Legislation

This page contains CGS Legislation from the August 2018 - July 2019 Academic Year. Legislation for CGS is primarily comprised of 2 different kinds of documents; Acts and Resolutions. Acts are primarily infrastructural documents for CGS, helping to carry out business that keeps the Council running, or that amends how the Council carries out business. Some examples include governing document updates, budget approvals or amendments, and establishing committees. Resolutions are primarily advocacy-based. They help to lay out a problem or issue and its context, and then call for specific action from specific stakeholders and/or state CGS's stanpoint/stance/opinion on an issue. 

If you are looking for specific materials not found here, please reach out to the current vice president and secretary (contact info can be found under About Us, Leadership Team) to be assisted in locating specific materials. 

Display Title Key

The naming conventions for file display titles are as follows...

AY#### - AY#### denotes the academic year the materials we published or created in.

.X - Denotes the month of the item. A = Aug/Sept, B = Oct, C = Nov, D = Dec, E = Jan, F = Feb, G = Mar, H = Apr, I = May, J = Jun, K = July. Month letters are ordered by the chronological flow of the academic year.

Meeting Minutes, Full Body/Delegate - Recorded and approved meeting minutes of a monthly CGS Full Body/Delegate meeting.

Meeting Minutes, Executive Board - Recorded and approved meetig minutes of a monthly CGS executive board meeting.

Full Body/Delegate Meeting Packet - Meeting packet for a monthly CGS Full Body/Delegate meeting. Includes meeting agenda, legislation up for voting, meeting minutes from the previous meeting, and any additional supplemental materials for the CGS meeting for the month in question.

Legislation, Act - Acts for CGS generally pertain to internal or procedural business (e.g., budgeting, spending, bylaw updates, establishing ad hoc committees, etc.).

Legislation, Resolution - Resolutions for CGS are specific position statements or pieces of legislation advocating for a specific solution or addressment of an issue identified by CGS.

Day.Month.Year or Month.Year - Date that the item in question was approved, or pertains to.