Council of Graduate Students
at The Ohio State University

Larry M. Lewellen Award for Distinguished Service

Since 1974, the Council of Graduate Students has presented awards to those students, staff, faculty, administrators and community members who have rendered exceptional service to graduate students at The Ohio State University.



Previous Winners of the Council of Graduate Students Distinguished Service Award


  • Briana Brownlow, Graduate Student, College of Arts and Sciences


  • Ann Salimbene, Asst Dean, The Graduate School
  • Morgan Cichon, Food Science and Technology, CGS Chief of Staff
  • Roger Anderson, Foreign and Second Language Education, International Student Concerns Chair


  • Colin Odden, Sociology, Service on Presidential Search Committee and University Area Commission
  • Wendy Winger, OSU Suicide Prevention
  • Donald Wiggins, Jr., CGS Chief of Staff


  • Constance Boehm, Director, Student Wellness Center
  • Brian Keller, Director for Enterprise Architecture, Physics Department & MBA student
  • Vinayak Shedekar, Graduate School, Food, Agriculture and Biological Engineering


  • Katie Krajny, Graduate Student, CGS Chair of DIISC
  • Colette Masterson, Assistant Director, OUAB
  • Shari Breckenridge, Registration Services Director, Graduate School


  • Dianna Barrett, Program Director, College of Social Work
  • Mark Torrez
  • Kerry Hodak


  • Kathryn M. Plank, Ph.D.,Faculty & TA Development


  • Mollie V. Blackburn, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Education - Teaching and Learning
  • Robert L. Hamlin, DVM, Ph.D., Professor, Veterinary Biosciences
  • Alan Hirvela, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Education - Teaching and Learning


  • Anne V. Massaro, Organization Development Counsultant, Office of Human Resources
  • Kathleen Wallace, Ph.D., Assistant Dean, Graduate School
  • Susan Williams, Ph.D., Associate Professor of English


  • Lamar R. Murphy, Senior Assistant Dean, Graduate School
  • Nancy Hardin Rogers, Dean, Michael E. Moritz College of Law
  • Barbara R. Snyder, Executive Vice President and Provost


  • Richard A. Hollingworth, Associate Vice President, Student Affairs
  • Susan L. Huntington, Vice Provost for Graduate Studies and Dean of the Graduate School
  • James F. Patterson, Chair, Board of Trustees
  • Tracy L. Stuck, Director, Ohio Union


  • Betsy Breseman, Doctoral Student, Consumer and Textile Sciences
  • Donald E. Denny, Director, Younkin Success Center
  • Natala "Tally" Hart, Director, Student Financial Aid
  • Susan Marsico, Director, Benefits, Office of Human Resources


  • Lawrence Anderson, Professor, Department of Chemistry, Chair, University Senate Steering Committee
  • Anil Challa, Doctoral Student, Molecular Genetics; Chair, CGS International Concerns Committee
  • Kevin Cope, Graduate Student, Public Policy and Management; CGS Secretary; Chair, Project Vote 2000
  • Mary Daniels, Assistant Vice President, Office of Student Affairs
  • Carmine Gade, Doctoral Student, Communications and Journalism; Chair, CGS Campus Events Committee
  • Joseph Gaynor, Captain, The Ohio State University Police Department
  • Bill Hall, Interim Vice-President, Office of Student Affairs
  • Phil Huckelberry, Doctoral Student, History; Chair, CGS Compensation and Benefits Committee
  • Alecia Naugle, Doctoral Student, Veterinary Bioscience; Chair, CGS Professional Development Program
  • Terry Perigo, Sgt. Fourth Precinct, Columbus Division of Police
  • Alan Washer, Lieutenant, The Ohio State University Police Department
  • Hyunsook Yoon, Doctoral Student, Educational Teaching and Learning; Vice President, CGS; Chair, Edward F. Hayes Graduate Research Forum


  • Dr. Keith Alley, Interim Vice President, Research
  • Mr. Larry Lewellen, Assistant Vice President for Human Resources
  • Dr. Martha Garland, Vice Provost and Dean, Undergraduate Studies
  • Ms. Tamala Longaberger, Member, OSU Board of Trustees
  • Ms. Janet Myers, Office of Research
  • J. Briggs Cormier, CGS Treasurer
  • Christine Parker, CGS Secretary
  • Melanie Cruz, CGS Compensation and Benefits Chair


  • Charles Massey, Jr., Professor, Department of Art
  • Brian Rivera, Graduate Student, Biomedical Engineering
  • Dr. Robert Kaufman, Professor, Department of Sociology
  • Dr. Douglas Owens, Professor, School of Teaching & Learning
  • Dr. Lawrence Baum, Professor, Department of Political Science
  • Retta Semones, Graduate Program Coordinator, Political Science
  • Don Stenta, Coordinator, Student Activities
  • Neesham Kranz, Graduate Student, Agricultural Economics
  • Dr. Ed Ray, Executive Vice President and Provost
  • Dr. Nancy Chism, Director, Faculty and TA Development
  • Katherine Frazier, Graduate Program Assistant, College of Nursing
  • Kenneth Shellberg, Buisness Manager, Department of Geological Sciences
  • Larry Williamson, Program Manager, Hale Center


  • Rola Atiyeh, Graduate Student, Environmental Science
  • Mary Ann Callaghan, Director, Student Services & Graduate Studies, Educational Policy & Leadership
  • Joelle Davis, OSU Alumnus, Educational Policy & Leadership
  • Dr. Jan Henderson, Professor, Community & Human Resource Development
  • Michelle Jacobson, Manager, Graduate Programs Office, College of Business


  • Dr. Mary A. Daniels, Assistant Vice President, Student Affairs
  • Dr. Edward F. Hayes, Vice President for Research
  • Tonette S. Rocco, Graduate Student, Educational Studies
  • Dr. Douglas A. Wolfe, Associate Dean, Graduate School


  • Aldo-Aguirre Caceres, Graduate Student, Art Education
  • Michael D. Lappi, Graduate Student, Physiology
  • Jennifer McClellan, Graduate Student, Physiology


  • Dr. Cherie L. Bayer, Assistant Professor, Department of Comunication, Indiana University
  • James K. Bracken, Professor, University Libraries
  • Kathleen I. Brooks, Grad Secretary, Pharmacy
  • Cathy S. Ellis, Grad Secretary, Art
  • Dr. Roy A. Koenigsknecht, Dean, Graduate School
  • Dr. William W. Muir, III, Professor, Veterinary Clinical Sciences
  • Dr. David A. Odden, Professor, Linguistics
  • Dr. Gerald M. Reagan, Secretary, University Senate


  • Dr. Omar O. Barriga, Professor, Veterinary Preventive Medicine
  • Dr. Karen A. Duncan, Assistant Professor, Department of Family Studies, Faculty of Human Ecology, University of Manitoba
  • Ms. Sherri Geldin, Director, Wexner Center for The Arts
  • G. David Lawrence, Student, Communication
  • Claudia Moreno, Student, Social Work
  • Dr. J. Robert Warmbrod, Professor, Agricultural Education
  • Lawrence K. Williamson, Jr., Assistant Director, Frank W. Hale, Jr. Black Cultural Center


  • Theresa A. Brim, Grad Student, Veterinary Preventive Medicine
  • Dr. William Dancey, Professor, Anthropology
  • Dr. Vesta A.H. Daniel, Professor, Art Education
  • Reverend Father Vincent McKiernan, C.S.P., St. Thomas More Newman Center
  • Dr. Herbert W. Ockerman, Professor, Animal Science
  • Sean B. Tipton, Grad Student, Political Science
  • Barbara L. Walker, Grad Student, Education
  • Hasan Yetim, Grad Student, Animal Science


  • Dr. Donald Cegala, Professor, Communication
  • Brian Foos, Grad Student, Civil Engineering
  • Dr. Margaret Hermann, Professor, Political Science
  • Debbie Knicely, Grad Secretary, East Asain Languages and Literature
  • Sharyn Talbert, Grad Secretary, History
  • Joel Teaford, Former Trustee
  • Mike Stinziano, Grad Student, Political Science


  • Dr. William D. Dowling, Professor, Educational Studies
  • Alex Silbajoris, Student, Journalism
  • Debbie Correa-Gonzalez, Grad Student, HPER
  • Peter van Deventer, Grad Student, Agricultural Engineering
  • R. Luke Evans, Grad Student, Ed P & L


  • Harold R. Armstrong, Agronomy
  • Dan Evans, Economics
  • Steven Kremer, History
  • Joyce Thomas
  • Dolly C. Wilson, Food Sci/Tech


  • Julie Franklin, Physics
  • Prof. Larry E. Miller, Agricultural Education
  • Donna Spontak, Agronomy
  • Prof. Joseph J. Pilotta, Communication


  • Michael L. Sallgaller, grad student, Pathology
  • Phyllis M. Thomas, grad student, Ed T & P
  • Dr. Virginia M. Vivian, Human Nutrition & Food Management


  • Dr. James W. Altschuld, Ed T&P
  • Martha A. Kallstrom, English
  • Anne Leser, GAA Education
  • Connie Rice, Secretary, Ag. Ed.


  • Frank O. Eguaroje, Art Education
  • Debra A. Gallagher, Secretary, Dairy Science
  • Dr. Robert W. Howe, Ed T & P
  • Joseph A. Testa, CGS Treasurer


  • Sister Victoria Marie Gribshaw, Home Management and Housing
  • Dr. Thomas Milburn, Political Science/Psychology
  • Mr. Fred Ruland, Instruction & Research Computer Center (ICCC)
  • Mrs. Kory Ward. Pathology


  • Graduate Dean Jules LaPidus
  • Dr. Roy A. Stein
  • Mr. Joe Takayama
  • Mrs. M. Jane Vollrath


  • Barbara J. Bryant
  • Elanor R. Devlin
  • P. David Ellis
  • Michael C. Mahaney


  • Dorothy Brickman, Director, International Student Services
  • Kitty Carlton
  • Joseph T. Hentges
  • James M. Ludwig
  • Pat Nichols, CGS Executive Secretary


  • Emily M. Francz, Grad Secretary, Art
  • Janet M. Martin, CGS Vice President
  • Marlene D. Payha, Secretary, Linguistics
  • James. M Siddens, Asst. Dean, Graduate School (Distinguished Administrator Award)


  • Mrs. Evelyn Arnold, Grad Secretary, History
  • Dr. Jean Girves, Asst Dean/Secretary, Graduate School; CGS Advisor
  • Michael Stary, Chair, CGS Grad Housing Committee, grad student in Industrial Engineering
  • William L. Flynn, Assoc Chair, Ag Econ & Rural Sociology (Distinguished Administrator Award)


  • Jean E. Eisel
  • Frank W. Hale


  • Richard H. Armitage


  • Ruth M. Erlandson
  • Allen P. Katz


  • Richard J. Ralston
  • James J. Scillian
  • James G. Trainer, Director, Student Organization Finance Office (Distinguished Administrator Award)


  • Harold W. Louis, Storekeeper of Store 65 Biological Sciences Building
  • James E. Parsons, GTA/Microbiology, Pres. Ohio Assn. of Grad Student Orgs
  • Kathryn T. Schoen, Assoc Provost, Faculies, Offices of Academic Affairs
  • H. Spencer Turner, Director, University Health Service(Distinguished Administrator Award)


  • Michael B. Kukla, Specialist, Chemical Engineering
  • Kathleen E. McCarthy, grad student, Communication
  • Dr. Arliss L. Rhoden, Vice Provost, Research & Dean of the Graduate School
  • Richard H. Armitage, Vice President, Student Services (Distinguished Administrator Award)