Council of Graduate Students

at The Ohio State University


CGS Senators serve as official representatives from CGS on the Ohio State University Senate. These senators serve on Senate committees such as Senate Fiscal Committee, the Graduate Compensation and Benefits Committee, the Council on Student Affairs, and more.  While elections are held in the Spring of each academic year, terms begin immediately in the Fall, and continue through the Summer of the academic year (unless senators graduate, or otherwise leave their degree program). 

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Attend all senate meetings, reading the agenda and materials ahead of time. Senators hold extremely important positions. The Senate is where the majority of University legislative business occurs. Having graduate students represented there is critical to the improvement of graduate student conditions. It is essential therefore to have all 10 Senate positions represented at every Senate meeting.
  • Serve on at least one senate-related committee (e.g., Council on Academic Affairs, Council on Academic Misconduct, Graduate Compensation and Benefits, etc.).
  • Both to inform the senate advisory chair immediately when you cannot attend a Senate meeting, AND arrange for an alternate to attend, in order to maximize graduate student representation at the senate meetings.
  • Attend CGS Delegate meetings each month, bringing forward relevant senate news and, when possible, seeking student feedback before voting.
  • Serve on and attend all CGS Senate Caucus Committee meetings as convened by the chair of the committee

For information on the next senator elections, see the Run for Senator page under Get Involved.