Council of Graduate Students

at The Ohio State University

Edward F. Hayes Advanced Research Forum

The 37th Hayes Forum will be held in person on Friday, February 24th, 2023.

The Edward F. Hayes Advanced Research Forum (formerly the Edward F. Hayes Graduate Research Forum) showcases the innovative and exemplary research being conducted by Ohio State graduate students and postdoctoral scholars across the full range of graduate degree programs and research topics and facilitates fruitful exchanges between students, postdoctoral scholars, faculty, the administration, and the public. This will be the second year that postdoctoral scholars will have the opportunity to present. Cash prizes, totaling more than $14,000, will be awarded to the top-judged presentations in each academic area for graduate students. There will be separate sessions for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars.

The Forum is co-sponsored by the Council of Graduate Students, the Graduate School, the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs, and the Enterprise for Research, Innovation, and Knowledge with organizational and operational support from the Office of Student Life.

Questions? E-mail CGS Vice President, Katie

  • Abstracts for the 2023 forum will be accepted October 17th, 2022 through Friday December 16th, 2022 at 11:59pm (extended from the original deadline of December 5th, 2022).

Note: Selected applicants are assigned to either an oral or poster presentation based on scores. The application does not include an option to choose either oral or poster presentation. Postdoctoral scholars will only be selected for oral presentations.

The 37th Edward F. Hayes Advanced Research Forum will take place on February 24th, 2023. To see this past year's winner's visit the 2022 winners tab on the left side of this page. 

Abstract Guidelines

  1. You must be the sole author of your abstract's text, though the research may have been conducted collaboratively. 
  2. Applications must be individual. You cannot submit an application in more than one person's name.
  3. If selected for presentation, you must be the person to present your research. You cannot ask someone else to present on your behalf. You also cannot make joint presentations.
  4. Applicants (both graduate students and postdoctoral scholars) may only submit one proposal in total and only to one academic area. Applicants' work will be evaluated by professionals from that general academic area, so proposals need to be understood by those in a fairly broad range of related fields. Minimize complex, esoteric, and (sub)field specific language that may not be understood by your judges. The ability to explain complex material in a clear and convincing way is part of the judges' consideration in evaluating your proposal.
  5. Do not include any specific information that could be used to identify you individually, (e.g., your name, your advisor's name, your department name) in the abstract or abstract file. Papers are judged by a blind review process. Any application that does not meet this criterion may be disqualified.
  6. Abstract submissions must be approved by the faculty member who is supervising your research.
  7. The abstract must be typed in 10-12 point font only.
  8. The abstract must be single-spaced.
  9. Margins must be no less than 1 inch on all sides (top, right, left and the bottom of the page).
  10. At the top of the page, write the title of the paper in the center. 
  11. Abstracts should be no more than 1000 words and no longer than 1 page. This excludes reference/citations/works cited sections, which may be included on a second page. In-text citation/Parenthetical citations are considered part of the limited to a single page abstract content.
  12. Abstracts must not include any tables, figures, or illustrations.
  13. You should include the following information in the abstract: (a) Purpose of the study/piece; (b) Research method; (c) Findings or Predicted Findings; and (d) Implications. These categories may need to be adjusted to fit your particular research and the scholarly traditions of your field. For example, you may need to be explicit about the theoretical perspective underlying your research or the data analysis methods you employed.
  14. Abstracts will be evaluated based on the quality of the writing and research. This includes the purpose of the research, the research design, and procedure, the theoretical and/or practical significance of the findings, the conclusions, and any other content.
  15. Abstracts will be evaluated in the academic area you select from the 10 academic areas for graduate students or 3 academic areas for postdoctoral scholars. In determining the area in which you will submit your abstract, the primary factor to consider is the subject matter addressed by your research, not necessarily your area of enrollment. For example, a paper from a graduate student in Comparative Studies might be evaluated within Arts, Social and Behavioral Science, or Mathematical and Physical Sciences rather than in Humanities.
  16. It is the applicant's responsibility to double check that they have submitted their abstract to the correct academic area. Double check that you have chosen the correct academic area prior to submission.
  17. The online application (including the submission of an abstract) must be submitted by Friday December 16th, 2022 at 11:59pm (extended from the original deadline of December 5th, 2022).
  18. The file format must be a pdf. We cannot accept applications submitted in any other way.
  19. The name of the file cannot be more than 30 characters and may not contain special characters.  You may use a shortened version of the abstract title for the file name.  The abstract title is NOT limited to 30 characters.  Please ignore any other inconsistent messaging regarding file name and abstract length.  
  20. Once you have read the above guidelines then please Apply Here


Call for Faculty Judges


Important Information

Oral Presentation Guidelines


Hayes 2023 Award Amounts

Oral Presentations

1st Place: $600

2nd Place: $400

3rd Place: $200

Poster Presentations

1st Place: $200

2nd Place: $150

3rd Place: $100


Hayes 2022 Results

Arts Oral

1st – Nicole Lawson, Dance Studies

2nd – Simone Downie, Digital Animation and Interactive Media

3rd – Alesondra Christmas, Dance Studies

Honorable Mention – Kayla Lehman, Digital Animation and Interactive Media


Biological Sciences Oral

1st – Athena Howell, Neuroscience

2nd – Jonathan Packer, Neuroscience

3rd – Lynde Wangler, Neuroscience

Honorable Mention – Ashweta Sahni, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Honorable Mention – Sarah (Thanh) Dinh, Biomedical Sciences


Business Oral

1st – Jianna Jin, Marketing

2nd – Andrew Zeiser, Logistics

Honorable Mention – Jason Sigler, Management and Human Resources


Education and Human Ecology Oral

1st – Andrew Perry, Educational Psychology

2nd – Kimiko Ching, Educational Psychology

3rd – Grace Jue Yeon Kim, Multilingual Language Education

Honorable Mention – Eric Olsen, Consumer Sciences

Honorable Mention – Nathan Helsabeck, Quantitative Research Evaluation and Measurement


Engineering Oral

1st – Nina Tang, Biomedical Engineering

2nd – Faiz Nisar Khan, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

3rd – Maria Angelica Rincon-Benavides, Biophysics Graduate Program

Honorable Mention – Luke Lemmerman, Biomedical Engineering

Honorable Mention – Sunny Kwok, Biomedical Engineering


Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Oral

1st – Yumin Xu, Food Science and Technology

2nd – Sarah Scott, Entomology

3rd – Jack McCoy, Horticulture and Crop Science

Honorable Mention – Kelsey Ryan-Simkins, Environment and Natural Resources

Honorable Mention – Sochina Ranjit, Veterinary Medicine


Health Sciences Oral

1st – Debasmita Mukherjee, Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology

2nd – Lorien Salyer, Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program

3rd – Kazune Pax, Oral Biology

Honorable Mention – David Danesh, Public Health


Humanities Oral

1st – Kiera Hambrick, English Rhetoric, Composition, and Literacy

2nd – Victoria Paige, History

3rd – Angela Acosta, Iberian Studies

Honorable Mention – Yanghuang (Gillian) Zhang, History of Art

Honorable Mention – Karin Florda, History of Art


Mathematical and Physical Sciences Oral

1st – Dustin Nguyen, Physics

2nd – Anna Poptic, Chemistry and Biochemistry

3rd – Sean Steinke, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Honorable Mention – Padoslav Pavlovic, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Honorable Mention – Emily Hruska, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Honorable Mention – Danielle Voss, Food Science and Technology


Social and Behavioral Sciences Oral

1st – Shuyuan Yu, Psychology

2nd – Morgan Ross, Communication

3rd – Jacob Coutts, Quantitative Psychology

Honorable Mention – Andrew Bahrou, Environmental Social Sciences


Arts, Humanities, and Education and Human Ecology Posters

1st – Kristen Heitman, Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

2nd – Christian Hines, Literature for Children and Young Adults

Honorable Mention – Abena Anyidoho, Quantitative Research, Evaluation and Measurement


Biological Sciences Poster

1st – Kelly Rich, Neuroscience

2nd – Shridhar Sanghui, Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology

3rd – Meretta Hanson, Neuroscience


Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences Poster

1st – Jessica Cristina Lemos Motta, Animal Sciences

2nd – Jerish Joyner Janahar, Food Science Technology


Health Sciences Poster

1st – Natalie Andras, Oral Biology

2nd – Robert Schuetz, Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program

Honorable Mention – Taylor Williams, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine


Math and Physical Sciences and Engineering Poster

1st – Srija Chakraborty, Biomedical Engineering

2nd – Alexander Milder, Chemistry and Biochemistry

3rd – Zweli Hlatshwayo, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Honorable Mention – Yoon Ji Kim, Statistics

Honorable Mention – Vegeesha Liyana Gunaw, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Honorable Mention - Brendan Fuller, Biochemical Engineering


Social and Behavioral Sciences Poster

1st – Madelyn Green, Anthropology

2nd – Basar Ozbilen, City and Regional Planning

3rd – Julianna Calabrese, Clinical Psychology

Honorable Mention – Sydney Mack, Social Work

Honorable Mention – Victoria Sevich, Speech and Hearing Science


Postdoctoral STEAHM 1 Oral

1st – Kathryn Kroeper, Psychology

2nd – Loic Deblais, Center for Food and Animal Health

3rd – Amaris Williams, Wexner Medical Center, Division of Endocrinology


Postdoctoral STEAHM 2 Oral

1st – Mogran Schrock, Radiation Oncology

2nd – Fatma Mohamed, College of Dentistry

3rd – Federica Colombo, College of Pharmacy

Honorable Mention – Caymen Novak, Internal Medicine

Honorable Mention – Pratik Shriwas, College of Pharmacy

Honorable Mention – Kirti Kaul, Medical Oncology