Council of Graduate Students
at The Ohio State University

2024 Winners - Edward F. Hayes Advanced Research Forum

Hayes 2024 Award Amounts

Poster Presentations

1st Place: $200

2nd Place: $150

3rd Place: $100

Oral Presentations

1st Place: $600

2nd Place: $400

3rd Place: $200 


Hayes 2024 Results

Biological & Health Sciences - Posters

1st – Anna Lubertozzi, Molecular Genetics

2nd – Jessica Wedig, Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology (MCDB)

3rd - Meredith Kromalic, Health & Rehabilitation Sciences

Honorable Mentions - Moulisubhro Datta, Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology (MCDB)


Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences - Posters

1st – Zhaozhe Chen, Earth Sciences

2nd – Yue Zhang, Earth Sciences

3rd - Danielle Voss, Food Science & Technology

Honorable Mentions - Saroj Khatiwada, Animal Sciences; Kevin Kim, Food Science & Technology; Anna Kolganova, Environment & Natural Resources


Engineering - Posters

1st – Tanay Jawdekar, Chemical Engineering

2nd – Sophia Mayone, Chemical Engineering

3rd - Maria Angelica Rincon Benavides, Biophysics


Education & Human Ecology and Social & Behavioral Sciences - Posters

1st – Lei Wang, Economics

2nd – Kaitlyn Viera, Educational Studies & Technologies

3rd - Allison Howell, Food Science & Technology

Honorable Mentions – Sangeun Lee, Educational Studies & Technologies; Nagarathna Balakrishna, Anthropology; Rae Ju, Agricultural, Environmental & Development Economics


Arts - Oral/Talk

1st – Lucille Dillon, Dance

2nd – Lauren Chivington, English

3rd - Dominique Gedanke Flaksberg, Design


Biological Sciences - Oral/Talk

1st – Emily Hoskins, Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program (BGSP)

2nd – Electra Coffman, Molecular, Cellular, and Dvelopmental Biology (MCDB)

3rd - Rebekah Rushforth, Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program (BGSP)

Honorable Mentions - Luke Scarberry, Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program (BSGP)


Business - Oral/Talk

1st – Cory Haltman, Marketing & Logistics

2nd – Mingnan Shen, Marketing 

3rd - Jacob Rathjens, Management & Human Resources

Honorable Mentions - Rang Gong, Business Administration; Mateus do Rego Ferreira Lima, Business Administration


Education and Human Ecology - Oral/Talk

1st – Zhi Jie Lee, Educational Studies (Counselor Education)

2nd – Carrie Anne Thomas, Teaching & Learning (Lit for Children & Young Adults)

3rd - Dasom Han, Educational Studies (Counselor Education)

Honorable Mentions - Rumbidzai Mushunje, Educational Studies; Erin Fox, Human Sciences; Michaela Dengg, Educational Studies


Engineering - Oral/Talk

1st – Rosalie Connell, Biomedical Engineering

2nd – Gregory McClanahan, Biomedical Engineering

3rd - Carter Fietek, Industrial & Systems Engineering

Honorable Mentions - Shekhar Shinde, Chemical Engineering


Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences - Oral/Talk

1st – Jaden Tatum, Food, Agricultural, & Biological Engineering

2nd – Ming Yan, Animal Sciences

3rd - Juan Quijia Pillajo, Horticulture & Crop Science

Honorable Mentions - Samuel Hoffman, Food Science & Technology; Mostafa Ali Abdelbary, Food Science & Technology; Shyam Singh, Food, Agricultural, & Biological Engineering


Health Sciences - Oral/Talk

1st – Lingyu Ouyang, Geography

2nd – Sayali Dharmadhikari, Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program (BGSP)

3rd - Kazune Pax, Oral Biology

Honorable Mentions - Sana Chahande, Medical Science; Carolyn Lee, Veterinary Medicine; Debasmite Mukherjee, Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology (MCDB)


Humanities - Oral/Talk

1st – Deanna Holroyd, Comparative Studies

2nd – Ai Ling Lu, East Asian Languages & Literatures

3rd - Pedro Antonio Ortiz Ramirez, Hispanic Linguistics


Mathematical and Physical Sciences - Oral/Talk

1st – Kara Lamantia, Earth Sciences

2nd – Wynne Turner, Astronomy

3rd - Brandon Manley, Physics


Social and Behavioral Sciences - Oral/Talk

1st – Emily Nothnagle, Social Work

2nd – Courtney Jewell, Speech & Hearing Sciences

3rd - Jill Singer, Public Health

Honorable Mentions - Oluwadamilola Salau, Geography


Postdoctoral: STEHM - Oral/Talk

1st – Alexander Ulintz, CATALYST ACCELERATE T32 Clinician Scholar & MPH - Clinical/Translational Sciences

2nd – Sachin Naik, Postdoctoral Scholar

3rd - Asmaa Badr, Postdoctoral Scholar


Postdoctoral: Arts, Humanities, SBS, & EHE - Oral/Talk

1st – Seong Jeong, The Ohio Education Research Center

2nd – Jason Sigler, Postdoctoral Scholar

3rd - Tuba Gezer, Quantitative Research, Evaluation and Measurement