Council of Graduate Students
at The Ohio State University

Recommendation Questions

Applicants will enter a recommender's OSU email address.  Recommenders will then receive an invitation to submit their responses to the questions listed below.  This page is provided merely to assist recommenders in preparing their responses.

We cannot accept any recommendations to the Ray Award that do not use the online form! Each response is limited to 1500 characters. (If using Microsoft Word to prepare your responses, use "Tools | Word Count..." and read the line that says "Characters (with spaces)".) Please do not include the applicant's name in your responses.

  1. Research: Characterize the importance and validity of the research to be presented. This section may be read by someone in any discipline -- artist, engineer, humanist, scientist -- and must therefore be understandable by all. Please keep technical terminology to a minimum and do not assume any familiarity with the research methods common in your field.
  2. Conference: Describe the importance and professional standing of the conference that the applicant wishes to attend.
  3. Professional Development: All of our applicants are very distinguished and worthy of an award. What is an area in which you feel the student still has room to develop? Besides the obvious benefits of being able to network and gain feedback from others in attendance, how will attendance at this conference contribute to the applicant's professional development?