Council of Graduate Students

at The Ohio State University


Want to get involved to help improve the graduate experience?

There are multiple ways to get involved with the Council of Graduate Students.

Become a Delegate

Each college/department has at least one designated delegate on the committee. As the delegate, you serve as the direct contact between the committee and your constituents. Your job is to bring forth any issues graduate students may be having and take news of pertinent events and legislation that affect your fellow students. Delegates also serve on an internal CGS Committee and an external University Committee. Elections are held each year and suplementary elections are held as needed. If your college/department does not have an elected delegate you can also petition to become a delegate.

For more on delegates and to see who your delegate is, go here.

Become a Senator

The Senate is where the majority of University legislative business occurs. Senators serve as representatives by going to Senate meetings and discussing and voting on university issues. Although separate from CGS, Senators are encouraged to also attend CGS meetings to act as a liason between the two organizations.

For more information about senators, visit our About Us Senators.

Become a Committee Member

CGS' internal committees investigate and program for specific issues that affect graduate students. Each committee is made up of current delegates but outside members are also considered. If you are interested in getting involved in or have any ideas for a committee, contact the committee chair.

To get more information about the internal committees and current members visit About Us Committees.

Be a voice

Whether you are officially involved in CGS or not, it is important that you are a voice for yourself and fellow graduate students. The Council of Graduate Students is here to serve and support graduate students in any capacity it can. Your first point of contact for CGS is your delegate who can share any issues or concerns with the council. However, you are always welcome to contact any Officer or Committee Chair directly with concerns or suggestions.

Beyond bringing any issues or suggestions to the attention of CGS, it is also important to spread awareness about the council to fellow students. CGS is here to serve the students and it is most effective if all students know about its presence. Together, we can make sure every graduate students has a positive and successful experience while at Ohio State.

Get more information about the council at About Us.

See a list of officers here.

Find your delegate here.

See current news here.


There are always opportunities for you to get involved with CGS. Whether you're aiming for the presidency or just starting your involvement with the organization, this is the place it all begins. We urge you to become a Delegate or a Member.

You might say, what's the difference? 

  • A Delegate is elected by the graduate students in a department or group of departments to represent their interests.
  • A Member is self nominated to serve on committees and represent all graduate students.

Application Information:

  • The Committee Only application is for students interested in serving on a committee and is not a delegate.  Committee positions are generally filled during the subsequent spring to the start of the term of service in the autumn.  Students may apply throughout the year to fill any vacancies.
  • The Officer Applicaiton is for students interested in serving as president, vice president, secretary or treasurer.  These positions are elected annually in Spring Term.
  • The Senate application is for students interested in serving on University Senate.  Elections are held annually in Spring term.
  • The Delegate Application is used to run for election to represent your department on the Council or to request appointment to fill a vacancy between the autumn and spring elections.  Elections are held in the spring with supplemental elections held in the autumn to fill any vacancies.