Council of Graduate Students

at The Ohio State University

Governing Documents

The Council of Graduate Student's (CGS) organizational documents outline how the Council operates and carries out its activities on behalf of graduate students as a University Student Government organization.

The Governance Documents provide Information on the development, structure, and operation of the Council. These documents include the Official Constitution, last revised in March 2022, and the Official Bylaws, last revised in August 2022.


The Council of Graduate Students at The Ohio State University (CGS) is the official body representing all graduate students' diverse issues, concerns, and needs at The Ohio State University. We involve students in a productive partnership in governance of the University, promote the internal welfare and unity of the student community, further the goals of our University, and respond to the challenges of our society. The statement of purpose for CGS is “to effectively advocate and program to ensure that The Ohio State University graduate student experience is the best it can be”.