Council of Graduate Students

at The Ohio State University

Hayes Forum Abstract Evaluation


Below is an explanation of how each of the abstracts will be judged by the abstract reviewers.  Scores will be normalized across all judges in each subject area. Applicants will receive judges' qualitative comments, their average score, and the average score for the subject area when receiving results concerning whether they will be presenting, and what kind of presentation they will have. Abstract judging results are final and cannot be appealed sans exceptional extenuating circumstances. 


Abstract Evaluation

Please evaluate the abstracts on the following criteria using this scale:

1               2              3                  4               5              6                  7

Poor                                         Average                                       Superior


Below is a description of each judging category:

1.     PURPOSE


  • Is the problem/objective/hypothesis clearly stated?
  • Are the research goals clear?
  • Is the main argument established?


  • Does the theoretical and/or methodological perspective seem appropriate?
  • Do the procedures of inquiry seem adequate to support the study’s objective?
  • Are the instruments/sources/materials appropriate to this inquiry?
  • How does the performance/visual arts exhibition showcase the artists technical skill?


  • Are the results clearly stated?
  • Does the interpretation seem clear and justifiable?
  • Do the conclusions seem valid and/or realistic?


  • Does this research hold theoretical significance in its field?
  • Does this research have heuristic value in its field?
  • Does this research offer practical applications?
  • Is this study/research work a scholarly and/or artistic contribution to its field?


Based on the abstract, is the research worthy of paper submission and oral presentation at the Forum? Please answer Yes or No.

6.     VETO

Please only select to veto if you think the abstract is of unacceptable quality and should not be presented regardless of form (oral or poster presentation)

Questions? E-mail the Hayes Forum 2024 Organizing Committee's Chair, Katie Conner, at