Council of Graduate Students
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Vice President

Katie Conner 

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Katie Conner (she/her) is a 6th year PhD linguistics student. As a sociolinguist, her research program focuses on gender, sexuality, & the perception of young women's voices (e.g., speaking style, metalinguistic commentary on them, gendered taboo language and gendered slurs). Her research program is broadly focused on the ways in which gender frames and informs listeners' perception of speakers, and additionally examines the ways in which gender informs speakers' own self-expression of identity and ideology through social indexical links. While her main methodological "home" focuses on experimental and quantitative sociolinguistic methods (using inferential and descriptive statistics), she also values and has utilized qualitative methods such as discourse analytic methods (conversation analysis and critical discourse analysis), programming tools and languages such as Unix and Python3, and corpus methods in her work. 

Her most recent work includes a study on vocal creak and professionalism perceptions in young women's voices and she is currently preparing for her dissertation on gendered slurs, and publications stemming from this.  She won the Linguistics Department's GTA award for 21-22 for her work teaching LING 2367.01 "Language and Gender" as instructor of record. She has also worked on outreach and public facing language science at COSI and as a GRA on the "Science of Language and Language of Science" REU at OSU. She won "Best Project Launch" talk at New Ways of Analyzing Variation 50 (NWAV50) at Stanford University in 2022. Some of her past work has included her MA thesis on the relationship between LGB speaking styles and the listeners perceptions and ideologies of those styles, online discourses concerning sexual violence against women on college campuses and the #MeToo movement on Twitter and Facebook, and how speakers' gender prototypicality influences listeners' true and false recall within the Roediger, Deese, McDermott false memory paradigm. 

Katie originally became a CGS delegate for the Linguistics Department in Spring 2019 and subsequently served in that role through Summer 2021. Prior to 2022 - 2023, she also served as a committee chair for two years (2020-2021 External Affairs, 2021-2022 Research & Data Operations). In her time as a CGS member, she has served on numerous CGS internal and external committees at OSU (e.g., COAM, the Ray Travel Award and Career Development Grant judging committees, the Ad Hoc Committee on the Graduate Experience, and the Dean's Advisory Committee for the College of Arts & Sciences) and authored and consulted on numerous resolutions, most recently focusing on COVID advocacy for graduate students and graduate student pay and benefits, ESL/TOEFL testing equity and transparency, and internal operating procedure updates and improvements. She also received OSU Student Life's 22 - 23 Outstanding Graduate/Professional Student Award for her service to CGS throughout her graduate carrer at OSU.

She is a proud Navy brat and considers both St. Mary's County, MD and Virginia Beach, VA her home. She earned her BA from Virginia Tech in Theatre Performance with a minor in Women and Gender Studies in 2016, and her MA in English (Linguistics concentration) from North Carolina State University in 2018. In her spare time she enjoys gardening, yelling at college football (when it's in season), reading, crocheting and crafting, watching bad reality tv, and playing board and video games. 


Roles & Responsibilities:

As laid out in the CGS Constitution (Section 8.4) the Vice President's duties are as follows...

  • The Vice President is responsible for overseeing and maintaining records of appointments to all University committees, Senate committees, and shared governance committees on which the Council has representation, as well as to all internal CGS committees.
  • The Vice President will coordinate the Edward F. Hayes Advanced Research Forum, which showcases the innovative and exemplary research being conducted by Ohio State graduate students and postdoctoral scholars across graduate degree programs and research topics.
  • The Vice President will recruit delegate candidates, review delegate eligibility, oversee delegate elections, and maintain records of all delegate seats. During recruitment, Vice President must contact staff members in every program to ensure that all graduate students are aware of membership opportunities within the Council.
  • The Vice President will oversee and serve as Chair during all elections.
  • In the absence of the President, the Vice President will preside over meetings of the Council.
  • The Vice President will fulfill other duties necessary for operation of the Council as directed by the consensus of the Council and the Executive Committee.
  • *** This officership is a .5 FTE GAship through the Office of Student Life
  • *** This officership is eligible to use a CGS-owned parking pass for CGS business