Council of Graduate Students
at The Ohio State University


Jon Fritz


Jon is a second-year biophysics graduate student in the labs of Dr. Samir Ghadiali (Biomedical Engineering) & Dr. Joshua Englert (Internal Medicine). He studies diagnostic engineering devices and therapeutic interventions for ventilator-induced lung injury. In his freetime, Jon enjoys playing board & video games with friends as well as exchanging piping-hot gossip. Say hi if you see him around campus, usually in Fontana or DHLRI! 


Roles & Responsibilities :

As laid out in the CGS Constitution (Section 8.5) the Treasurer's duties are as follows...

  • The Treasurer will handle all finances of the Council and maintain an accurate record of its financial status.
  • The Treasurer, in consultation with the President and Vice President, will be responsible for creating an annual budget for the Council.
  • The Treasurer will oversee the Edward J. Ray Travel Award for Scholarship and Service, which honors substantial commitment to service and helps graduate students to pursue their scholarly goals across the globe by financially aiding them when attending distant conferences and presentations.
  • The Treasurer will have the power to appoint a Deputy Treasurer. This appointment is subject to approval by simple majority vote by the Executive Board.
  • In the absence of the President and Vice President, the Treasurer will preside over meetings of the Council.
  • The Treasurer will fulfil other duties necessary for maintaining the operation of the Council as directed by the Council and the Executive Committee, as needed and able.
  • *** This officership is eligible to use a CGS-owned parking pass for CGS business